The Secrets of Super Affiliates Revealed

As an affiliate, have you often wondered why and how the very successful affiliate marketers manage to get to the top? I’ve been an affiliate marketer for a few years, and I do reasonably well, but in my desire to expand my knowledge and become more successful, I’ve been having discussions with some of the top affiliate marketers in the business – the Super Affiliate! What are the secrets of the Super Affiliates?

Before going into detail, I want to make the distinction between an affiliate and a Super Affiliate:

What is an Affiliate Marketer

  • Someone who sells someone else’s product. The product owner is referred to as the merchant or vendor.
  • The affiliate earns a commission through sale of the product. The sale is often conducted via a website or any other marketing techniques.
  • Revenue sharing between website owner (affiliate) and merchant (vendor). The revenue is split between the two parties, and the affiliate commission can be quite generous, sometimes as high as 75%.

What is a Super Affiliate?

  • A Super Affiliate is anyone who is considered to be a leading force in the affiliate marketing business.
  • Super Affiliates are essentially the 20% who drive 80% of the sale of products in the markets.
  • They earn considerably more than the average affiliate. Some are known to be earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per annum.
  • They successfully leverage email marketing techniques by creating large database of subscribers.

A Super Affiliate is regarded more knowledgeable than an affiliate because of their length of time in the business. I’ve discovered that to become a Super Affiliate, you need to realize that this venture takes a great deal of hard work, determination and dedication. Successfully navigating the difficulties that emerge along the way to becoming successful and financially secure in the marketing industry takes persistence and possession of the ability to identify products with potential.

The average affiliate invariably spends considerable amount time searching ClickBank or Commission Junction for products they can promote. They find the products that offer the highest commissions. Not all commission products are created equal so it is vital to select products with commissions that start at 50% and scale upward. There is much more involved than simply choosing products that offer the highest commission, but also products that have potential of being successful. You also have to be knowledgeable in the product so that you have the capacity to answer questions from possible customers.

What Sets Apart a Super Affiliate From an Average Affiliate?

  • A Super Affiliate thinks strategically, and considers the lifetime value of a potential product to promote.
  • A Super Affiliate creates professional looking websites and split tests the products to achieve optimum conversion.
  • A Super Affiliate drives high quality targeted traffic to the website.
  • Super Affiliate creates long term campaigns, and places importance on value for money.
  • A Super Affiliate is very disciplined and methodolical, and has a continuous mindset.
  • A Super Affiliate has a positive outlook and considerable determination, and is very focused.
  • A Super Affiliate sets goals, and works relentlessly to achieve them.
  • A Super Affiliate sees the big picture and designs a comprehensive campaign that will earn the maximum revenue.

Product identification is paramount to affiliate marketers. Many average affiliates often select a product to promote without thinking about it. A super affiliate considers the lifetime value of the potential product and how that will translate into a successful campaign. Conducting some research and educating himself in the product makes a significant difference.

Creating a captivating and great landing page to capture conversions is vital for success. The average affiliate might create an unprofessional website, quickly put together without much thought – one that will ultimately convert poorly. The Super Affiliates tend to create professional sites to maximize the conversion of the campaigns. For a conversion to occur, a website visitor has to want the product and also needs a little encouragement by strategically worded and placed information that will translate into a sale.

With regards to traffic and conversions, the Super Affiliate has the power to leverage large quantities of unrelenting and high quality new traffic to their landing pages. A Super Affiliate is capable of generating thousands of visitors daily. Conversely, the average affiliate focuses on the techniques he is aware of and is reluctant to adapt – and that is invariably insufficient.

So far as the differences in mindsets are concerned, the strategies adopted by the Super Affiliate for creating and growing their business are vastly different from those of the average affiliate . This process is synonymous to running a marathon. The average affiliate is good at the short sprint, whilst the super affiliate is adept at pacing himself. Super affiliates is aware that money comes from value, and value comes from hard work and dedication. Moreover, they have an in-depth understanding of what the market requires and how to meet those needs with the best and creative solutions. The Super Affiliate is dependent on this creativity and method of success.

Well, I hope I’ve given you an insight into the mind of a Super Affiliate. To become one, and make that all important transition, I believe you have to adopt a different mindset, work ethic and better strategies.

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