The Software System Early Bird List and My Bonus

My buddy Trey Smith will be putting The Software System on sale tomorrow at Noon PST (3:00PM EST). However, you can get a jump on the competition by signing up to the Early Bird list. Getting on the list will give you a 1 hour head start on everyone else. I HIGHLY suggest you get on the early bird list for Trey’s course. Here’s why:

  1. This is a FIVE WEEK coaching program.
  2. You’ll learn directly from Trey (and he will be making a new software app WITH YOU)
  3. He will be doing 2 hour-long Q&A calls every week.
  4. You’ll be able to talk, discuss and message other members.
  5. You will get access to Trey’s personal programmers!
  6. JUST ANNOUNCED: He will be doing a LIVE EVENT! (Only the first 400 will get in)
  7. This WILL be a LIMITED membership. (only a certain number of you will be allowed to get into his course)

The three videos that Trey produced as part of The Software System launch will be taken down tomorrow, so make sure you check them all out while you still can.

The Most Profitable Business In The World
Click to watch now

How To Make An iPhone App
iPhone Game

The Black Box (Secrets stolen from Billionaires)
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My Software System Bonus

OK! Here’s the deal. If you purchase The Software System via my link you will receive the following bonuses for FREE:

  • My Blog Profit Camp coaching course – $597 value
  • Review on of your software – $500 value
  • Solo mailing of your software to my list – $1,500 value

That’s over $2,500 of value! Here’s the kicker:

Even if you get a refund on The Software System, my Blog Profit Camp coaching course is YOURS TO KEEP!

Order The Software System, forward me the receipt and I will give you instant access to my 12 week Blog Profit Camp coaching course. My coaching course will teach you step by step how to create a big money making blog in just 12 weeks. Again, even if you refund The Software System, Blog Profit Camp is yours to keep.

You can claim the review and solo mailing after the 30 day refund period. My blog is read by over 100,000 readers and my mailing list has over 100,000 names. You work with Trey and his personal programmers to create your software and I will help you promote it to over 200,000 people. Imagine the money making opportunity this opens up for you!

My bonus is not a made up value. It is the price that companies pay to advertise with me. You will get it for free when you sign up for The Software System. And you’ll get Blog Profit Camp as a gift just for trying out The Software System.

Get on the Early Bird list now to make sure this deal doesn’t pass you up.