The Truth About Guest Posting

Many bloggers start out by reading as much information as they can before writing on their blog. I launched my site way back in August 2008, (3 years is 21 in internet years!), and I was mainly concentrating on learning and also commenting on websites to link back to my site.

After a while I got tired with reading from lots of websites so I started to build a short list of websites to avoid information overload. Five sites that I would maintain a good relationship with and read all the content that they offer.

Then in 2010 I made the switch from commenting to guest posting. Writing a guest post will take you between 1 and 2 hours as there is usually a bit of tweaking and editing after the post has been sent.

The results can be great!:

  • You get a strong page rank link
  • Lots of retweets
  • Comments and opportunities to network
  • Attention for one day
  • Another star on your on-line CV!

Also, once you get your first guest post published you can use that as proof and leverage your current status to get the attention of other top bloggers to gain access to more platforms.

To get your first one live, here are a few tips that I used:

  • Provide useful comments on your chosen websites to guest post, you’ll be surprised how much the website editor will appreciate a useful comment rather than a “Great Post” comment.
  • Write your full name and domain name in the subject of your email. I find that this is a great way to show that your email is not spam as you’re willing to provide information on who you are straight away.
  • Think of a problem you had with working on-line that you solved yourself. This maybe a solution that nobody else has thought of and worth sharing.
  • After your first guest post is live, take the time to thank the person that gave you the opportunity. There maybe future opportunities!

There is a but though! People chase after on-line guest posting like its going to change their lives in one afternoon. The truth is that if you are looking for a quick way to make it you will be disheartened. Be professional throughout the exchange of emails and as helpful as possible, it’s your responsibility to send a post that reads correctly and the spellings are all in order. I find it easiest to draft it and spell check my posts directly into gmail, it’s really up to you. The connection you make with the blog owner is just as important as the connection you make with the readers for your successful future on-line.

The way I look at it is, guest posting is all part of the on-line marketing mix. It’s not a gamble but more of a small investment of your time which can add up!

David Edwards is the founder of and is currently the SEO Director at Webfactore Ltd.