The Ultimate Sign of Success

What is the ultimate sign of success? An expensive sport car? A big house? A mega yacht? A Black Amex? How about a sports team? According the Neil Patel (who already has a Black Amex), the ultimate sign of success is when a hot chick tattoos your name on her body.

I’m not exactly sure what Pamela Lund was thinking when she tattooed Neil’s name across her lower back. Maybe she has a huge crush on Neil and wants to have his baby. Maybe it was to make an old boyfriend super jealous. My guess is she is trying to get Neil’s attention so he could do some consulting for her company that sells USB memory sticks.

Pamela Lund

Neil Patel Tattoo

Whatever the reason, Neil is taking it as the ultimate sign that he has made it. This is in stalk contrast to how Shoemoney took things when a guy tattooed Shoe to his arm. Shoe was more creep out than anything.

Shoemomey Tattoo

I get it now. If a girl tattoo your name onto her back, it’s the ultimate sign of success. If a guy tattoo your name onto his arm, run and hide! 😈