The Winner of the Contest

Back in April, I held a two month long contest with to give away up to $4,000 cash. You can see the contest post here. I thought this contest was over and Online Radio Station had drawn the winner and given away the money. However, Online Radio Station thought it was me who would draw the winner. As a result of this communication error, no winner was drawn.

This oversight will corrected this Saturday when I draw the winner of cash during Dot Com Pho. The rules state the winner would win $2,000 if we received less than 200 entries and $4,000 if there were more than 200. We didn’t hit 200 entries so the winner will be receiving $2,000.

If this is the first time you heard of this contest, then I’ll keep it open for you to enter until this Friday. On Saturday, I’ll draw the winner and that person will win $2,000 CASH (or $4,000 if we break 200 entries). Good luck and don’t spend the money all in one place!

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