The World Is My Office

One of the best features of running a content based site is you can run it from anywhere in the world. I am not bounded to any one location when it comes to running my sites (and this blog). As long as I have internet access, I can make money when I’m away from home. Even if I don’t have internet access, the sites still makes money because they’re content based. I wrote a post on the advantages of content sites over eCommerce sites here.

While being able to run a content site from anywhere in the world has great appeal, you still need the proper equipment in order to do it. With that in mind, I present to you my 2007 mobile office. This is what I currently use to keep tabs on the empire when I’m away from home.

The Mobile Office


Everything I need to run TTZ Media from anywhere in the world is inside the above CES roller bag. Normally, I upgrade the bag every year because CES makes a new one available with each new Consumer Electronics Show. However, CES went cheap this year and gave the press a laptop backpack.


Inside the Laptop roller bag are three small cases (well, two small cases and one small bag), my MSI S271 TurionR 64×2 Notebook and a Ratpadz mouse pad. I like to keep my laptop bag neat and tidy with no tangling wires or power cord – that’s what the three small cases are for.


The Logitech branded case holds the power supply/cord for the MSI laptop and an Asus WL-530g Pocket Wireless Router. The WL-530g is the world’s smallest wireless router. I use it to turn the hotel room into a wireless hotspot so my editors and I can all share an internet connection.

Just because the router is small does not mean it lacks for feature or power. The Asus WL-530g offers all the performance, network security and ease of use that anyone should need in a wireless router. The difference is this is a router you can take anywhere. I recommend it to any mobile traveler.


The AMD branded case holds an AMD headset, a self-retracting NIC cable, a 4 GB Verbatim USB 2.0 flash drive and extra SD memory cards. I use the headset to make Skype calls back home, or just to talk to another Skype user. The 4GB flash drive comes in handy when we’re transferring lots of files from one laptop to another. I normally have a few other flash drives in my pocket as well, and I always end up getting a bunch of extra flash drives from companies because that is what they put their press releases on.


The unbranded bag holds my business cards, the battery charger for my Canon SD300 digital camera, an Energizer battery charger to charge the AA batteries in my Canon S3 digital camera, a Logitech Bluetooth mouse, a Logitech notebook mouse, S3 card reader, charger for my Moto cell phone and self retracting headphones.

I like it to use a normal sized mouse whenever possible. The notebook mouse comes in handy when working on an airplane tray table. I hope that when Logitech sends me their new VX Revolution, I’ll be able to carry just one mouse.


Here is how everything looks when packed into the roller bag. I still have lots of room left for cloths and stuff. On a short trip, I can pack everything I need into the roller bag and save time by avoiding the baggage lineup because I just have a carry on.

Time is money after all.