Time To Move A Lot Of Money Around

OK, it was fun for awhile, but I finally decided that keeping over $300,000 in a virtual bank (eWallet) may not be the smartest idea. Therefore, I have began the process of transferring the funds into my company bank accounts.

The thing is, I didn’t expect the funds to build up so fast. I originally set up the account because My Top Tier Business (MTTB) switched to eWallet to pay all their affiliates. Since setting up the account on September 16, MTTB had deposited $314,626.28 into it. Not bad for three and half month!


The problem is, eWallet isn’t really a true bank as far as I know. They’re more like a PayPal, and as such, it’s a not a great idea to keep huge balances on them. The thing I don’t like about eWallet is they charge $6 to transfer money to a bank, and the maximum you can transfer per transaction is $10,000. It will take me 32 transactions, and $192 in fees to move the funds. Yikes!

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