Tips To Help You Make Money Online

When it comes to making money online there are so many ways to go about it that it can seem overwhelming. The problem is that with so many techniques, methods and ideas we are in danger of overloading ourselves.

Information overload is a very real problem for those coming into Internet Marketing. We learn too many techniques, too many ideas – and end up getting frozen, always worried we are making the wrong move.

Which means it is better to focus on one technique, focus on it so that you understand it, excel in it. Focus on the one aspect and you will skip over all the many things that will distract you and make some real money.

But what aspect of making money online should you focus on? There are many after all? Try focussing on 3 techniques that can make you a lot of money, but that don’t rely on significant investment up front.

  1. Dropshipping. Dropshipping involves the selling of physical products via an ecommerce store. But rather than having the products yourself you deal with a dropshipping company. When an order is placed at your store you in turn order via that company at a lesser rate (the difference is your cut). They then ship the product out to your customer, but using your branding and information so the customer never knows it wasn’t all done by you.
  2. Affiliate Marketing. This is a little different – whilst you are still selling products it is not usually via your own site. Instead you sign up to a company to be an affiliate with them and then presell the products. You link these through to the company website or landing page for that particular product or service and when someone makes a purchase you make a commission on the sale.
  3. Advertising. Rather than focus on ecommerce you can create a site based on anything. When your site is bringing in traffic, there are almost always someone who is willing to buy ad spots on a site with good quality traffic. The aim of this game is to create an interesting site that people will want to read, then sell advertising space or use a PPC advert method such as Google Adsense.

When it comes to making money online with your website or blog, there is one thing that is vital. You can have the best designed website, the most impressive product or an amazing offering. But you will never make any money without that one special ingredient…traffic!

By traffic we obviously don’t mean people driving past you in their cars and motorbikes. What we mean is human visitors to your site, people who are browsing it, reading it, checking out what you have to offer.

To make a sale you need someone to buy it. For someone to click an advert they need to be there to actually click it. Almost any method that you can think of for making money online needs a human visitor there to interact with it.

Traffic = Money

If you have human visitors to your site on a regular basis then you can almost always find a way to make money from them. There are many ways to do so

  1. Sell them a product. If they have come looking for information about a product – then sell them the product! Find a dropshipper, a supplier or a company with an affiliate program.
  2. Are they just looking for information? Use the likes of Google Adsense. This will give them related links that could well interest them as they will have links related to their interests.
  3. Sell advertising space. If you have people coming to the site then other people will want them on theirs. Sell banner space, text links, blog posts etc. All can be leveraged to drive traffic elsewhere, so all can be sold for good money.
  4. Sell the site. If you have a good amount of visitors coming to the site and you have no idea how to make money, then simply sell the site – there are always buyers interested in buying sites with traffic.
  5. Get them to sign up. A more obtuse method, but get them to sign up to an email list. With an email list you can email them with offers again and again, making money each time.

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