Top 5 Paying Industries to Blog About

Unless you’re getting paid a decent salary to run a company blog, most of us bloggers could use some extra cash. Most of the time we’re doing all this blogging for kicks or as a way to promote a scrappy up and coming business. In short, any sort of additional income would be a welcome perk.

While there are many ways to raise some quick cash, one of the more lucrative and intriguing options is earnings per click. If you’ve never heard of the term, it’s simple and powerful metric that’s used by affiliate networks to determine your earning potential. So, whenever a company sells something through an affiliate advertiser, an ad is placed on that website. In return, that website receives compensation for placing those ads on it’s site.

If you need a real-world example to better breakdown EPC, here’s one via Link Trust:

Let’s say your product is $500.  And your affiliate partners receive $50 each time someone buys through her affiliate link.  And let’s say that the most recent promotional campaign you did with your affiliate partner, Amanda, sold 30 programs and generated 1000 clicks.  In other words, Amanda’s affiliate link was clicked on 1000 times.

In this example, the breakdown would look like this:

  1. Price of your product:  $500
  2. Affiliate commission received for each sale:  $50
  3. Net number of sales (after refunds): 25
  4. Total number of clicks on affiliate link:  1000

Net Commissions Earned ($50 x 25 sales) divided by Total Number of Clicks (1000) = EPC $1.25

Based on the above EPC rate, Amanda would earn $1.25 for every click that was sent your way. If this were the situation, Amanda would receive a commission of $1,500 based on the 1,000 times that her affiliate link was clicked on.

If that sounds like a pretty sweet deal that you’re interested in, here are the top five paying industries to blog about for money based on data acquired by VigLink.

1. Financial Services

  • The industry that makes the most amount money per click are financial services at $1.80.

2. Motorcycles & Powersports

  • Coming in at a close second are Motorcycles and powersports at $1.50 a click.

3. Lifestyle

  • At $1.37per click, industries that revolve around lifestyle are a rather secure bet.

4. Education

  • While not as lucrative as the previous three industries, Education still manages to break into the top five with $1.08.

5. Sports & Fitness

  • Finally, there’s the sports & fitness industry that can earn $1.02 per click.

What makes these industries more profitable than say art & entertainment ($.06), travel ($.19), and family & baby ($.27) is that they are usually higher in cost. More importantly, however, is the top 5 paying industries to blog about also have recurring customers, which means that merchants are willing to pay higher prices for.


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