Top Affiliate Challenge Update

The Top Affiliate Challenge is the Internet’s first real-time reality program. Over a two week period, 12 contestants will be divided into three teams. Each team will be led by either myself, Shoemoney or Ken McArthur. The team with the least earnings each day will lose one member. The last contestant standing will be the Top Affiliate winner.

A New Car for the Winner

In addition to getting a big wad of cash, the winner of the Top Affiliate Challenge will be getting a brand new 2008 Jeep Patriot SUV. Chrysler is also going to provide each team on Top Affiliate Challenge a minivan to shuttle them around on the various challenges that will take place. The producers denied my request for a Viper.

Get Those Audition Videos In!

If you haven’t submitted an audition video for the show, you have until June 1 to do so. Contestant selection begins in June and taping will begin in July 1. Selected contestants will be flown all expenses paid to Lincoln, Nebraska for the filming. I know. What the hell is there to do in Lincoln, Nebraska? Ask Shoemoney. He lives there. No wonder he’s bald.