Top Five Killer Reasons Why Online Businesses Fail

Ever wonder why only 5% of business owners rake in 95% of the Profits, why some people succeed and some people always face failure despite their hard work as they believes. Why there are so few online individual millionaires out there compared to the countless others who try building a business and failed every year? Well I am trying to give you at least five reasons which according to me lead to the failure of your online business. These are not related to the technical aspect of blogging or online business but rather dealt with the individual behavior which is deciding factor of online endeavor’s fate.

1 – Half-Hearted Attempt

You are doing it because somebody else is doing and making money out of it. You are doing it just to see how it goes with you; you are not determined to do it but only trying to see whether it works for you also. If you start your online business with these motives; chances are that you will end up losing most of your money. To succeed in online opportunity you need to support it with full strength and energy. Don’t just try, believe that it’s going to happen and you will make it happen no matter how difficult it is.

2 – Lack of Passion

One reason why your online venture fails is that you are doing it just to make money, but the matter of the fact is that money is a peripheral which comes along with your success. Whatever you choose to do, do it passionately believe me money will come along automatically. Do doubt money is a great motivating factor but it should not be one of your prime motives. If you are doing something for which you have great passion and admiration I am sure you will unquestionably succeed in your endeavor.

3 – Fickle Nature

Lack of determination results in fickle nature, it means unduly changeable in feeling, judgment or purpose. If you are not confident enough you keep on changing your decisions, changing your mind frequently without putting enough efforts into your plans always result in failure. There are examples when people succeed after 20 to 50 failed attempts. If things are not turning up as per your wish it does not always calls for a change in policy, it depend on how confident you are about your business strategy, approach and success. For example if you ask any successful super affiliate who is making insane money now, he will tell you how much money he had lost during his initial campaigns. People fails while learning the tricks of the game, the only thing which force them to keep on trying is their confidence and faith in the business and in themselves.

4 – Lack of Knowledge

You must acquired proficient knowledge in your niche before jumping into it, if you are not a competent authority in your subject then do not try to pretend, you will get caught. When you are a make money online blogger and recommend your reader to try some products or join some blogging coaching programs or endorse any other stuff it must shows from your words that you have complete knowledge and command over your statements and on the product you are advocating. Your reader shows belief in you by subscribing your blog, buying products through your affiliate links and joining your recommended training programs, they will do this only when they are confident about your authority on the subject. Half knowledge or little knowledge is always dangerous for you and for your online business.

5 – You Are Not a Fighter

A fighter is one who never gives up, no matter how worse the situation is. I bet 90% of you would have closed down your online businesses if big daddy google stop supporting your venture like in the case of John Chow. The biggest thing that you can learn from John Chow is that nobody can knock you down if you have faith in yourself, no matter how big he is and no matter how small you are. John struggled for almost three years without google this is because he never lost his faith during the trial of his abilities. Online business is not a piece of cake, it just like when you see a beautiful building you must realize the huge amount of hard work that has been gone into structuring its sturdy foundation. Are you the one who afraid from failure? The one who always hide from assessment or the one who faces the challenge and win over the weaknesses?

I know you are a fighter, you will win, no doubt about it, but if you have any of the above lacking in your behavior I wish and hope that you will work out and come out as a rock solid winner.

This post is guest-blogged by self proclaimed dot Com Guru Shanker Bakshi from Shanker Bakshi dot Com where he teaches about how to make money online.