Tracking Your SEO Efforts with SEscout

Let’s say, as an example, that you are getting ready to run a marathon. Someone comes along saying that they have some fantastic training methods that should be able to help you run faster, skyrocketing you to the top of the podium. However, you are not going to be given the opportunity to track your time.

This doesn’t make any sense, right? If you can’t track your progress in an effective manner, how can you possibly know if you’re actually improving? As it turns out, search engine optimization is no different and today’s review will point you toward a service that handles that half of the equation: SEscout.

A Brand New SERP Tracker

You’ve certainly come across more than a few services that claim to provide you with the best search engine optimization tools, but they may not come with the right kinds of tools to track your progress. This is where SEscout fills in the gaps.

Tracking Your SEO Efforts with SEscout

To be fair, SEscout isn’t exactly unique in what it does. You may have seen other SERP tracker services on the Internet, but SEscout claims to introduce “a ton of exciting new features to the SERP tracking industry.”

For example, most of the competing SERP (search engine results page) trackers only provide updates on a daily basis. By contrast, SEscout will provide you with hourly updates for all keywords. They also support tracking up to position 500 in Google, compared to only 50-100 by its competitors.

Checking Out the Dashboard

The user dashboard is reasonably straightforward, but you may need to take some time to familiarize yourself with its interface.

Tracking Your SEO Efforts with SEscout

To test out the service, I checked in some keywords for my freelance writing site and for Dot Com Pho. In the screenshot above, I have expanded both of these fields, but they are shown as one line per site by default.

Among the information given are the Page Rank of the site, number of backlinks, and the respective rankings for each of your defined keywords. Over time, you can also see how your keyword rankings change over a period of a day, a week, and a month.

One of the more interesting features is that you are able to “group” your sites together. Since SEscout is available as a white label service, you can group the sites for each of your clients together. If you run a network of sites yourself, you can group them accordingly too.

To get more of a sense of how SEscout works and how you would go about interacting with the dashboard, you can watch the screencast video that they have produced for precisely this purpose.

Other Noteworthy Features

Yes, you can could certainly check in on your SEO efforts manually, but that’s far too time consuming and you don’t get automatic reports generated. SEscout takes out the guesswork and provides you with full reports, either in PDF or CSV format. They can also have them emailed to you (or your clients).

A quick rundown of the other notable features include push notifications of new changes to your keyword positions, an iPhone app (plus an upcoming Android app), charts of your keyword ranking history, bulk domain and keyword imports, support for every Google TLD, and community-driven feature updates and bug fixes.

How Much Does It Cost?

SEscout is currently available with four pricing plans.

Tracking Your SEO Efforts with SEscout

The free option is a good place to start, as it gives you a taste of what you can get with SEscout. It only provides for daily updates, however, and you are limited to only ten keywords. The remaining packages range for $14.97 a month to $49.97 a month. All paid options allow for white-labeling reports, but only the Essential plan gives you access to the affiliate program.

Bearing in mind that SEscout is still in beta testing, I’d say that the overall feature set and user interface offer quite a bit of power and utility to people interested in search engine optimization. If you work as an SEO consultant, you can easily make back your monthly fee by offering the professional-looking reports to your clients.