Tracking202 Goes Self-Hosted with Prosper202

Affiliate marketing can prove to be one of the most lucrative ways to make money online, but tracking all the numbers involved can be a very cumbersome and complicated process. As you may recall, I reviewed a solution earlier this year that was designed specifically for this purpose. It seemed like Tracking 202 did a wonderful job of tracking the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns, but many people voiced their concerns over privacy.

Wes Mahler heard your concerns and now he has addressed them with no fewer than two new releases. If you didn’t catch what Tracking 202 was all about the first time around, be sure to read the original review first.

Are They Stealing My Data?

In the first Tracking202 review, I noted that affiliate marketers are very protective of their keywords. The issue is that when you use the Tracking202 online service, this pertinent data is then made available to the people who run Tracking202. This invaluable information reveals which keywords perform the best and which provide the best rate of return.

Understandably, affiliate marketers had a huge concern over the privacy of this information. The data was hosted on the Tracking202 servers and there was no way for you to know that they weren’t “stealing your campaigns”, so to speak. What if Wes Mahler was stealing your keywords?

Prosper202: The Self-Hosted Solution

In the comments of the original review, people spoke out and said that they’d feel a lot better if a self-hosted version of Tracking202 was made available, because then they would have much greater control over who has access to their data and their keywords. Wes listened and Prosper202 was born.

Prosper202 was designed to do the exact same thing as Tracking202, except it is a completely self-hosted version. This eliminates the whole privacy and trust issue that was causing so much concern. There are some other upgrades to the Tracking202/Prosper202 package — like an advanced landing page feature — but these are all secondary to the new availability of a self-hosted solution.

In order to run Prosper202 on your web host, you need to ensure that it means the minimum requirements. If you run into any trouble, check out the affiliate marketing forum and affiliate marketing blog for help.

Just like Tracking202, Prosper202 is completely free and there is absolutely no charge involved in using the software package. There is a donation page where you can help to cover some of their hosting and operation costs, however, if you want to lend the development team a helping hand. The plan is to further expand the “202” brand in the future with other offerings.

Export Ad Campaigns to Other PPC Networks

At the same time that they decided to launch Prosper202, the development team also released their second piece of software. Called Export202, this application allows you to convert and export PPC campaigns to other PPC networks. Export202 currently supports Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and MSN Adcenter.

What this means is that if you set up an ad campaign through Google and find that it is either getting too expensive or it is performing poorly, you can quickly and easily export that PPC campaign over to Yahoo Search Marketing or MSN Adcenter to see if they do any better. In the past, you would need to manually set up new PPC campaigns on the alternative networks. Export202 effectively automates that process. They say that you can even export entire accounts to other PPC networks.

Win a Nintendo Wii

Even though both Export202 and Prosper202 can be downloaded free of charge (the former is still in alpha mode), the gracious people behind the projects are still feeling pretty generous. To help get the word out, they launched a contest a few days ago wherein they are giving away a Nintendo Wii.

To enter, you need to write a 300 word review of Prosper202 following the linking instructions in this post. The winner, assuming there are at least 50 entries, will be announced within a week of the contest’s closing date (May 31). The person who sends the most traffic to Prosper202 gets a free t-shirt too.