Tubely – 100% Free Online Dating Service

We all know you can really make money online if you start a porn site, but a lot of people really do not want to go the route. There are a lot of other alternatives that will still make you good money. One of the biggest is online social networks, more importantly online dating sites. Tubely is a new online dating site and they have ordered a ReviewMe review to generate some traffic and increase their user base. Let’s see if they can find me a date!

What’s great about Tubely is that it is free! So many other dating sites have some fee involved, Tubely is 100% free! You can go ahead and signup and you are asked to create a user name and enter some information. I was surprised that I had to enter in my full address and phone number. Usually for any type of social networking site you only have to enter in your zip code. All of the fields are required for sign up. After you sign up you are asked if you want to participate in any free offers, there are about 25 of them and each is on its own page! So you have to click through 25 pages of offers! 25 offers really is not that bad, when you order anything from GoDaddy there are a ton of offers too, but they are all on 1 or 2 pages.


After you go through the signup process you are asked to create your profile. It is actually pretty in-depth. You can enter everything from your interests to your hometown. You are also asked to upload a photo of yourself for your profile. Although I have not found out how to add more photos or even change my current photo. After you have put in all of the info for your profile you are brought to your home page. Here you can do many things like invite people to join Tubely, join groups, see recent posts from your friends, and edit your profile.


Tubely does offer some features that a lot of other dating sites do not have. They have a calendar system where you can list events and users on Tubely can view them. You can list these events as private where only your friends can view them or public where anyone can view them. Tubely also has a Rank system where you can rank other users from 1 to 10. Tubely has a list of top 25 women and top 25 men. There is a classmates section where you can find classmates that you went to school with. Only colleges and universities are listed, not high schools.


Ok time to find a date! You can search for other Tubely members easily by going into the search page. There are only 4 criteria for searching; gender, age, country, and if they have a photo or not. Really for a dating site I would expect there to be more criteria than that, at least be able to find people in your area and not just by country. I mean I’m not going to fly across the country for a date!

When you go into someone’s profile you can see all of their information that they have provided minus the personal information like phone number and address. From here you can add them as a friend, bookmark them, invite them to a group, view their blog, and write in their scrapbook. Another cool feature is that you can introduce them to one of your friends. You just click on “Make an Intro” and then you can select one of your friends.

You can also vote for them on 4 criteria, Physique, Personality, Style, and Profile. These ratings will increase their profile rank. You can check out my public profile here. This public profile is a profile anyone can see, they do not have to be logged into Tubely. Once you are logged in the profile is different and you can do all the things I just listed.


Finally Tubely gives you a chance to make some money. If you go in to edit you profile the last tab says Affiliate. Here you are given an affiliate link, which you can get other users to sign up for Tubely. Although there affiliate system does not seem to be working because if you click my affiliate link it says that Fernandes Mervin has referred you, not me. Also there is no information on the affiliate program anywhere on their site so you really do not know how you get paid.


Recommendations For Improvement

Tubely is a very new site so I was not able to find a date! Here are a few recommendations for them to improve their site. The biggest would have to be refining the search. Users should be able to find people that are close to them, not just by country. Also I could not for the life of me figure out how to change my profile picture. So for right now once you have uploaded a picture it’s the only one you can use. Finally a lot of people might not be so keen to sign up if you require things like a phone number and full address. I think zip code or city is just fine.

Requesting a review on John Chow dot Com is a good idea for Tubely since most of the readers are young, single (and no doubt horny) males. Like all dating/social sites, scale is very important. Tubely needs to get bigger and it needs to do that in a short time fame if it hooks to make a dent in the online dating market. Hopefully, this review is just the start of their marketing efforts. Join Tubely today and see if you can find a date!