TwittAd Tries To Make Money With Twitter

It was bound to happen sooner or later. With Twitter growing like a weed, someone was going to come along and try to make money off it. That someone is TwittAd and what they came up with is unique but as an advertiser, I don’t see any value in it.

TwittAd puts ads in the profile pages of Twitter users. However, the ad are just a background image and is not clickable. Basically, TwittAd would change my John Chow Cola background into a whatever the advertiser wants to display.

Pricing is set the by the Twitter profile owner. It would seem logical that the more followers you have, the higher a price you can command. However, many (if not most) Twitter users use a third party application like Twhirl to follow other users. I can’t recall the last time I checked someone’s Twitter profile page.

Because the ad isn’t clickable, there’s no way to measure the return on investment. Ad prices range from $1 for 7 days to $50 for 3 months. That’s cheap enough but without any means to measure the results, I can’t see many buyers. I know I wouldn’t buy a TwittAd.

What do you think about TwittAd? The next big thing or a complete waste of time?