Two Ideas, One Cup – How To Attract More Money Online

This post was guest blogged by Alex Shalman, who created Happiness: The Group Writing Project.

“Expect your every need to be met. Expect the answer to every problem, expect abundance on every level…”
~Eileen Caddy

This Sunday I had the pleasure of speaking to my good friend Rabbi Johnny Shippel. I was lucky enough to learn a few several thought provoking concepts from him, one of which I’ll pass on to you.

Rabbi asked me to consider the two cups, half full and half empty, and to pick which one I like better. Being a big optimist I picked the half full cup without thinking. It turns out I was wrong.

No, it’s not the half empty cup that’s better, and it’s not what you think at all. The “better” thing to do is to pour the content into a smaller cup so that you’re left with one full cup!

Can’t Go Wrong With No Standards

That was my first response to this story. No standards no problems. I thought this way because of a story I covered on the happiest nation in the world. Researchers said the Danes were the happiest because they had no expectations for anything great.

For the Danes, anything moderately good was taken as a very pleasant surprise. Moderately good must have happened often, as it led to a national happiness greater than that of tropical island civilizations.

Can Go Better With Abundance

I must admit that my first response was not the best one, not even by a longshot. It wasn’t the lack of standards that made the smaller cup, the one with the over flowing wine, the best choice for life.

After pondering this for a couple of days and discussing it with some brilliant friends of mine we discovered the real truth. The over flowing cup is better because it creates the mentality of abundance, which is effectively used to attract more of what we focus on into our lives.

From a practical stand point, whatever we focus on, we will achieve in our lives. Us humans are THAT powerful. As long as our cups are over flowing, we can increase them gradually and keep them over flowing.

Practical Areas To Apply This Concept

  1. Health. By thinking of our health as where it should be and following some better health principles, we are attracting more of it into our lives.
  2. Relationships. Consider your relationships on point and amazing. You’ll attract more and better, including partnerships to make money online.
  3. Money. If you look at your monthly income reports think of them as exactly where they should be in your goals. Consider yourself doing well. Use this method to attract more money for the next month.
  4. Advertisement. Selling direct ads? “Just the right amount of people are buying right now.” This will set your focus to attracting a bigger number, the one that is more right for you next month.
  5. Ideas. Think in terms of having more than enough great ideas in order to make money online, and you will have more and more amazing ideas to work with.
  6. Writing. Always think in terms of writing being easy for you to do. Use that energy to focus on practical writing techniques, and you will write more than you ever dreamed you could.

What other areas of your life could you apply this concept to?

“Whatever we are waiting for – peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance – it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart.”
~Sarah Ban Breathnach