UberAffiliate Reveals PPC Secrets

Paul Bourque of UberAffiliate has started a new site and ordered up a review so I can tell you all about it. While it was nice of Paul to order the review, he really didn’t have to do it. The new site is so good, I would have wrote it about whether he sent the review request or not.

Free PPC Secrets

Paul’s new site is call Free PPC Secrets and it is going to piss off A LOT of people in the industry. You see, the affiliate marketing industry is by its very nature a secret society. An affiliate who is making money is never going to tell you what offers or keywords he is running because he doesn’t want competition. It’s because of this that all affiliate marketing blogs are filled with just general information with no real world examples. That is, until now.

With Free PPC Secrets, not only is the UberAffiliate revealing for the first time, all his money making affiliate offers, Paul is also showing what keywords he is using to generate over $200,000 a month affiliate income! It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! I told Paul I think he is crazy to show this much information on the site for free. Then again, Paul did hinted that he would be doing such a site in this Tracking202 interview during the Affiliate Summit.

I recommend you head on over to Free PPC Secrets and copy and paste every posts to your desktop because my feeling is Paul will realize what a dumb ass move it was to reveal all his secrets and will remove the site.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Google AdWords campaigns to buy!