Unlimited Hosting Without Celebrity Gossip


Not to be confused with the popular celebrity gossip website and television show, TMZ Hosting wants to make a name for itself on the Internet as one of the best web hosting services available today. Choosing the right host for your blog or website can be a somewhat stressful and time-consuming process, because you want to find a good value without sacrificing too much in terms of features and reliability.

Does TMZ Hosting fit the bill for your particular needs? In poking around what this hosting company has to offer and reading about who they are, I’d say that there are certainly a few positives here, but TMZ is not without its shortcomings either.

Shared Hosting with Free Bonuses

For most beginning bloggers and online entrepreneurs, indeed for the vast majority of website owners in general, shared hosting is usually the best option. When you go for a shared hosting plan, you share your bandwidth and storage capacity with other users on the same server. This is naturally a bit of a sacrifice, but it also means that you can save quite the bundle.

Shared hosting with TMZ can come with a few bonuses. Prepay for one year and get you get a free domain. Prepay for two years and you get two months free, a free domain, and a free SSL certificate.

Wow! Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth!


One of the bigger selling points for shared hosting from TMZ Hosting is that you are offered unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly bandwidth. For the uninitiated, that may sound like a stellar deal. For the more experienced, that can raise a huge red flag.

There is no such thing as unlimited disk space. The server is only so big. If it’s got 500GB of space on there, you won’t be able to upload several terabytes of data. There is also no such thing as unlimited monthly bandwidth, because the server can only handle so much throughput. This deceptive marketing makes me question the integrity of TMZ Hosting, despite what the testimonials may lead you to believe.

Reseller Hosting from TMZ


If you’re looking to make some money online as your own web hosting company, but you don’t want to bother with all the logistics of managing the physical equipment, a reseller account with TMZ Hosting may be just the thing. Clicking on the Reseller tab on the shared hosting page, you’ll find three types of Reseller accounts. Unlike the regular shared plans, these actually come with restrictions on bandwidth and disk space. Imagine that.

With the cheapest RS Regular account, you only pay $15.95 for 30GB of space and 230GB of bandwidth. Get a few clients and you’re already ahead of the game. All reseller accounts come with unlimited domains, POP3 accounts, and mySQL databases as well.

Dedicated Servers for Dedicated Gurus


Going the furthest up the pricing scale, you’ll find TMZ’s selection of dedicated servers. If you’re running high-traffic sites like John Chow dot Com, you’ll want to invest the extra money in a dedicated server. This way, you’re not sharing any disk space or bandwidth with other websites.

Each of the three types of dedicated servers available through TMZ offer dual 250GB hard drives, 2000GB of bandwidth, 2GB of RAM, 5 IP addresses, and full management. The datacenters are located in New Jersey and you are provided with root access. Prices range from $219 to $379 a month, well within the normal range for most dedicated servers.

Should You Host with TMZ?

The mention of unlimited disk space and bandwidth concerns me, because these are necessarily untrue. Without taking TMZ out for a test drive for a few months, it’s also impossible for me to speak on their uptime and technical support too.

In terms of sheer value, TMZ Hosting appears to be one of the more affordable options on the market, especially if you prepay for two years of shared hosting. That works out to under $4 a month, including a free domain.