Up to 55% Revshare with OK Online Casino Affiliate Program

I just came back from the casino the other night and things didn’t quite go my way. That’s how the cookie crumbles, because we have to realize that the casino is going to be the winning side of the occasion most of the time. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be in that position too?

Well, that’s pretty much the idea behind the OK Online Casino Affiliate Program. In this review, we’ll take a look at how this program works and how much you could potentially stand to earn through the passive income stream of sending referrals their way.

Powered by the Gambling Federation

You might recall that I mentioned this in another post some time back, but the gambling and gaming industry is easily one of the most lucrative niches on the Internet. It has recently gone under some fire through governing bodies, but there is still money to be made.

When you head over to the affiliate program side of the equation, you’ll be directed to the Gambling Federation website. This is where you’ll get the information about how the program works and how you can expand beyond just referring players to earn your big bucks.

It’s very clear that they are attempting to target an international audience, since the site is available in a range of different languages. You can see the links toward the top of the page, including German, Italian, Dutch, and Chinese. Let’s face it; there are gamblers all around the world and the Internet is truly an international economy.

What Am I Promoting?

Switching to the other side of the coin, you find the online casino itself. OK Online Casino offers quite a diverse group of games for your “players” to enjoy.

These include the usual assortment of slot machines and video poker machines, as well as several simulated table games and lottery games, as well as arcade games. The fully licensed and authenticated OK Online Casino has more than 100 casino games available with support in 14 different languages.

Because of this variety, you can approach totally different types of players with the affiliate program. That’s pretty helpful, because people who want to play some online roulette might not be as interested in looking for three cherries on the slots.

The Commission Structure

So, how many money can you stand to earn from this casino affiliate program? Well, that depends on how you want to work it.

By default, you enter a revenue sharing model. Depending on the net gaming revenue that you are able to generate from your referred players, you earn anywhere from 40% to 55% of those earnings (for life). That’s quite a bit of money. You also have two choices for that structure.

You can opt for weekly payouts, but negative balances (i.e., when your referred players win money as an aggregate) get carried over to future payments. Alternatively, monthly payouts do not have these rollovers. Payment choices include Neteller, Moneybookers, bank wire and bank draft.

As another alternative, you can opt out of the revenue sharing model altogether and take a straight CPA of up to $150 per casino player. The referred customer must deposit and wager a minimum of $50 for you to qualify and you need to tell Gambling Federation that you’d prefer the CPA payout rather than the revshare.

Second and Third Tier Affiliates Too

Maybe you’re not as inclined to refer players to the online casino. That’s okay, because the affiliate program has a built-in system for second and third tier referrals too. You earn 5% of the net profits from each affiliate you refer directly, plus $10 for each casino player that your referred affiliates send their way.

The OK Online Casino Affiliate Program will supply you with 200+ banners and other promotional materials (including tracking), so how successful you can be with this program is completely up to you.