Video Outsourcing Webinar with Gideon Shalwick & Tyrone Shum

My friends Gideon Shalwich and Tyrone Shum will be hosting a live webinar tomorrow on how to outsource all your rapid video blogging work so you can live The Dot Com Lifestyle. If you haven’t seen the video about this webinar yet, you can watch it here.

Video is a big part of my blogging set up. My YouTube channel has 657 members and over 900,000 video views. Learning how to make videos and, more importantly, how to outsource the work can really enhance your blogging. This is where the live webinar from Gideon and Tyrone comes in.

What Exactly Will You Cover Inside The Webinar?

  • The problem with Rapid Video Blogging and what you must do to overcome it…
  • Why outsource your video production process in the first place? Like, what’s the secret benefits that no-one talks about?
  • The full video blogging production process disclosed (never seen before), and which parts you can actually outsource…
  • Exactly how to set up your “remote office”…
  • Where to find the right people at the right price… and FAST!
  • How to communicate in the best possible way with your outsourcing staff, and the secret tools that will make your life a lot easier!
  • And a whole heap more!

What Does The Rapid Video Creation Bonus Include?

To sweeten the pot, Gideon has decided to throw in a $197 bonus when you register for the webinar. The bonus is Gideon’s new Rapid Video Creation course that he have not even released yet! And no, it’s not the same as my big Rapid Video Blogging Course.

Inside the Rapid Video Creation Course, Gideon will show you everything you need to know for creating online videos, both normal as well as screen capture videos, at super high speeds. And to make it even sweeter, he’s allowing one extra license that you can use for your outsourcing person at no extra charge!

Will The Webinar Get recorded?

Yes! The webinar will indeed be recorded so that you can watch it at your own convenience in case you can’t make the LIVE call. But to get access, you will still need to register for the webinar before the deadline.

What Is The Deadline For The Webinar, And What Time Is That In My Own Country?

The webinar will be run LIVE at 8pm EDT (USA) on Tuesday, Sept 14. If you want to be part of this webinar, you need to register BEFORE this date, otherwise you will miss out. To find out what time of day this is in your own country, just use this handy page here.

But do note that Gideon will be recording the webinar and making the recording available afterward in case you can’t make the above time.

Live Webinar

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