VTC – Virtual Training for Only $30

The Virtual Training Company (VTC) started in California’s Silicon Valley in 1996. The company was founded by British born Mark Vernon who started producing CD-based training for Apple software. The format on the CDs – narrated QuickTime movies that take a user through the steps of learning complex software applications – was very well received. Soon after, VTC began producing training for Windows software. Then in 1999, VTC started an online university, which is the subject of this ReviewMe review.

VTC Online & CD Training


Have you always wanted to learn a software program but don’t like reading a how-to book or attending an expensive class? Then VTC maybe just what you’ve been looking for. For only $30 for one month, VTC gives you unlimited access to over 450 courses and 60,738 video tutorials.

Most of the training videos are for computer programs like Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Dreamweaver. However, there are also courses on blogging and Search Engine Optimization as well.

The first few lessons of a course is completely free and viewable by anyone. This helps to give you an idea of the product quality. The complete video course on SEO spans seven hours and 111 lessons. You can watch it all in one sitting or spread it out over a month. If you really like a course and wish to have a permanent copy, you can order it in CD format for $99.95.

450 Course for Only $30


The VTC Online University gives unlimited access to more than 450 courses. You are billed according to your renewal selection – monthly $30, three months $90, six month $180. You think you would get a discount for ordering more months. That doesn’t happen unless you order a one year subscription, which cost $250.

Multi-User pricing is also available for companies wishing to train their employees. Pricing is $200 per year per user or $20 per month per user for a minimum of five concurrent users. This means you can have any number of users registered with the system, but only 5 can be online at a time. VTC accepts all major credit cards.


For less than the price of a good book on how to use Photoshop, I can learn Photoshop in 11 hours over 151 video sessions. And when I’m done with that, I have unlimited access to any of the other course VTC offers. This is really an amazing deal when you think about it. Have a look at all the courses VTC offers, check off the ones you would like to take and then work out how much it would cost to take those courses at your local college or community center. The savings can really add up.

I’m impressed enough with the quality of the free demos to put $30 down on a one month subscription. I want to learn advance Photoshop. I’m sure I’ll end up renewing it because VTC offers many other things that I want to learn, like PHP programming and MySQL database.

Watching videos is a great way to learn. It’s much faster than reading a book or taking a class. You can learn as fast or as slow as you like (as long as your subscription doesn’t run out) and repeat a section as many times as needed. If you’re looking to upgrade your skills, VTC is worth checking out.

VTC Online University