Webmasters Unite at Web Cosmo Forums

The world is shrinking, thanks to the Internet. It used to be that if you didn’t know something, you’d have to make the trip to the library, thumb through the index cards, and hope to find some information that’s remotely relevant and from within the last ten years. That’s no longer the case. The online community is always there to help you out.

So, what if you want to start a website and have some questions? What if you already own and run a number of websites, but you want to learn more about topic X or subject Y? For that, you might want to turn your attention toward Web Cosmo Forums, which serves as the subject of today’s review. They keep it laid back, but they also aim to be informative.

What Is Web Cosmo Forums?

Web Cosmo Forums is a webmaster forum that aims to provide help, resources, and a community surrounding the topic areas that are of interest to website owners. If you’ve used other forums on the Internet, you’ll understand how this site works too.

The webmaster forum is broken down into a number of sections: general, marketing, web design & development, business & marketplace, search engines & directories, and support. Each of these is further broken down into several sub-forums.

In the case of marketing, for instance, you’ll find forums dedicated to general marketing, search engine optimization, social network marketing, pay per click advertising, and affiliate programs. This helps to streamline the threads and keep the conversations on topic. Whether you’re running a tech review site or you just work with landing pages, the community is there to help.

How Big Is the Community?

When it comes to forums, the features aren’t going to be the differentiating factor. You can have a wonderfully designed forum, but if you don’t have enough active users, it’s pointless. Thankfully, Web Cosmo Forums appears to be quite active with over 17,000 members and over 200,000 posts. It’s not huge, but it is quite sizable.

Teaching and Learning from One Another

Let’s take a look at an example thread in the forums.

Here, “ovaismirza22” wants to know the difference between SEO and SEM. Even though the post was in the middle of the night, he was able to get a response from “Crawler” in about an hour.

The original poster has since been banned, but this thread demonstrates two very important aspects of the forum. One, you can get knowledgeable answers in a very short amount of time. Two, users who abuse the forums in whatever manner (I’m not sure why ovaismirza22 got banned) will not be tolerated. That keeps the forums clean and, hopefully, spam-free.

Tapping into the Tutorials Too

Sometimes, the forums aren’t quite as comprehensive as you would like them to be. Sometimes, you just can’t be bothered to sift through multiple threads to collect the right kind of information. For those times, you might turn to the available tutorials.

There aren’t too many of them on the site at the moment, but the owner promises that more tutorials will continually be added to Web Cosmo over time. The above example explains common HTML tags. These basics are positively integral knowledge for webmasters and this particular tutorial is both comprehensive and easy to understand. The provided example at the bottom is quite useful.

For now, there are only two tutorial sections: HTML and CSS. I’d imagine that they will expand beyond these realms eventually. If you’re feeling generous, you might get in contact with the owner and see if you can write the tutorials for them, perhaps in exchange for a backlink or suitable credit.

How Does Web Cosmo Forums Make Money?

Like just about every other forum on the Internet, Web Cosmo Forums thrives on user-submitted content. They need the community members to keep the forums active with useful information and active conversations. In doing so, they generate traffic and then money can be made with the on-site advertising.

You’ll notice the banner in the header (below the login section), the banner below the main navigation, the series of 125×125 blocks in the sidebar, the banner in the footer, and possibly text links in the footer too. This seems reasonably effective without being overly intrusive.

If you’re looking for a good community to learn more about running a website, from design to monetization and everything in between, Web Cosmo Forums looks like a viable place to start.