Welcome Clickbooth

I like to give a warm welcome to Clickbooth as a new John Chow dot Com sponsor. Not only has Clickbooth purchased advertising on John Chow dot Com, they ordered a review as well.

Who Is Clickbooth?

Clickbooth is one of the premier affiliate networks on the Internet. They’re well known and well respected. I first met them at the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. I could tell they were one of the bigger networks judging by the size of their booth and the car they were giving away.

While Clickbooth is a big network, they do offer very personal one on one service. Both the company and affiliate managers are easy to reach. They offer updates via their blog, twitter and every publisher has access to Clickbooth 24/7 via AIM, email and phone.

Clickbooth is very selective on who they take on. Every new publisher application is screened and an account manager calls every new publisher before he is accepted. They even confirm your phone number during the application process. This process ensure the quality of the Clickbooth network and allows Clickbooth to offer some of the highest paying affiliate deals in the business.

Payment and Referral Program

Clickbooth has two payment schedules. Net 15 – meaning a check is sent 15 days after the end of the month – is typically the schedule of choice. However, if you meet the minimum requirement of $5,000 per week, you may request Net 7 – meaning a check is sent the Monday after the end of the week. The minimum amount for a Net 15 payout is $50.

Clickbooth has one of the best referral programs in the business. You get $10 for referring a new publisher plus 2% of whatever that publisher makes for life. One time payment plus potential lifetime residue income. Gotta to love that.

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