What Cheesy Romantic Comedies Can Teach

Incredible life lessons can be found just about anywhere, as long as you’re willing to look beneath the surface for some profound insights. This is true for your personal life, just as much as it is true for your professional life as a professional blogger or Internet marketer.

You might remember when we took a look at some of the biggest lessons we can glean from Kanye West and John Oliver. Today, we turn to the Hollywood genres of romantic comedies, sometimes known more simply as rom-coms. What can we learn from these humorous exploits in love?

1. Looks Can Be Deceiving

The guy in the office who looks like he totally has his act together? He might be suffering through a loveless marriage and he could be buried in debt. The girl who doesn’t seem to be displaying any outward affection toward the main character? She might be totally into him and she’s just waiting for him to make his move.

With making money online, you also need to look beneath the surface to uncover the whole story. Sometimes the affiliate offer that looks like it’s boring and a waste of time could turn out to be one of the most lucrative offers that you promote. She may indeed be “all that.”

2. You Will Definitely Encounter Hardship


Inevitably, about halfway through any romantic comedy, the main character and his or her love interest have some sort of falling out. It looks like an absolute crisis, everything is breaking down, and the potential for their hookup is looking like it’s in shambles. Then what happens? Through some luck and some bold move, they actually do get together and it’s happily ever after for everyone.

In your journeys through Internet marketing, you should absolutely expect to face struggles and problems. Many of these may seem insurmountable at first, but if you’re ready, willing and able to make a bold move of your own, you can persevere and “get the girl.”

3. Don’t Worry About the Other Guy

Many romantic comedies involve some form of a love triangle. The main character must challenge some rival for the affections of his love interest. But what do we find in so many of these movies? The other guy ultimately doesn’t matter. It’s not about beating him as much as it is about winning her affections.

Internet marketing can feel much the same way, even if you never see the “other guy.” Forget about what other people are doing and just keep your eyes on the prize.

4. Surround Yourself with Good People


The central story in a romantic comedy usually involves a couple, but you’ll find that both the guy and the girl usually have a group of friends. Some of these friends are helpful and some of them can be toxic. And sometimes the greatest epiphanies come from the goofball of a best friend, inspiring the main character to take that bold move (see #2 above) to win the girl.

Even though making your living on the Internet can feel like such an isolating experience at times, you mustn’t forget to reach out to your friends, colleagues and loved ones for support too. Just make sure they’re the good friends and not the toxic ones.

5. The Answer Was There All Along

In a funny twist of fate, the main character doesn’t win the object of his affections at the end of the movie or he even rejects her final acceptance. Instead, he falls for the dorky best friend or the female confidante who had been there all along and who had always had his best interests at heart. Maybe it turns out that the original girl wasn’t at all what he expected her to be.

So, when you make your way around the web and strive to earn your money through Internet marketing, remember to keep an open mind. You may be chasing after one goal or one objective, but the one that you really want might have been there the whole time.

And even though I wrote most of this post from the perspective of the guy chasing after a gal for the romantic comedy, these truths and life lessons still hold true if they were to swap places too.

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