What is Social Video Marketing?

What is Social Video Marketing? A friend of mine asked me recently to define it. Here was the definition I gave.

“I would say that my definition of social video marketing is as follows. Social media by definition is creating a visible online presence. However video social media puts a speed of intention behind your presence that no other media platform can accomplish. Social marketing is putting a face, a voice behind a name. If I am new to a social network site. The first thing I do is put up a video that says “I am excited to be apart of this site” and “this is who I am”

By doing this I am covering the visual appeal that Video allows. Most of us are very visual people as well as auditory. So being able to see someone and listen to their own personal words, makes a connection that much closer. We use video to stir up emotion. That is what social video marketing does. It asks that the person you are connecting with to be that much more invested in you. TO know you personally. Now this can be for businesses as well. In fact requesting an emotion from your audience as a business is how you bridge that gap of impersonality that businesses naturally create. Also having an intention in your social media marketing is only amplified with Video. Video is a tool, or the vehicle to carry your marketing message.”
Ok, so that is a bit long winded. Let’s Paraphrase…

Social Video Marketing is as follows:

  1. To create a specific message to a specific audience in video form.
  2. Requesting an emotional response in the form of a call to action from the video message.

Now, let’s look at a coke commercial. Coke has been using advertisement on TV for Decades. In fact Coke has at least 5-10 commercials that are aired a year. Now what Coke is doing that is different then what we are doing with Social Video Marketing is they are casting a wide net, not necessarily targeting any one specific demographic or audience. They can advertise during certain programs that they believe are more specific to their product, however they are truly never doing target marketing. They are using the power of repetition, frequency of air time and a whole lot of money to send out the message for people to buy their products.
Now most online marketers don’t have the billions that it takes to run a commercial campaign all year around. They also don’t have the time.

What Social Video Marketing does is it pin-points the audience with a specific message and call to action. The audience comes to the video, not the other way around.
An example of this is a project that my wife and I launched 2 weeks ago. We created a 2.5 minute video where my wife was talking to the camera. We titled it “Message to Ridley Scott”.

In the video my wife asked specifically for Ridley Scott to consider her for a role in the new Alien Prequel. Ridley Scott is directing and for those of you who do not know, he directed the very first Alien movie from 1979.

We created the video on a friday night. By the next morning we had over 600 views, and confirmation that the video had already been sent to a VP at Fox Studios who was heading the project, as well as RSA (Ridley Scott’s production office).
Since launching the video 2 weeks ago, we have gotten about 20,000 youtube views, over 250 people sharing it on Facebook, over 600 likes throughout the various postings, as well as getting the video syndicated to a confirmed thus far 7 blog sites. Some with something good to say about the project, while some bad.

Of course, in this campaign, there is never any bad publicity, because the video was intended for that purpose–to create an emotional response. And an emotional response certainly doesn’t always have to be a positive reaction.
To see the video yourself go to http://www.ridleywatchthis.com.

For more questions about Social Video Marketing go to http://www.makemoneywithvideonow.com to learn more. Cheers and Happy Holidays!

This post was guest blogged by Casey Zeman.