What Jobs Are Available with Just a Five?

Many people are interested in making money online, but they may not be particularly well-versed in affiliate marketing or domaining. Maybe you just want a way to supplement your income. The holidays are just around the corner, after all.

Helping you earn a few bucks at a time is JustaFive.com. The online job board is the focus of today’s review and it’s the “place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5.” Interestingly, it goes beyond that too.

Working for Five Bucks at a Time

If you’re thinking that the core concept behind Just a Five sounds familiar, you’d be right. There are at least a few other job boards out there that offer a similar service. In short, you offer something you’re willing to do for five bucks and you wait for a buyer to come along.

The key is that the individual job won’t take you must time to complete, so you can take on as many jobs as possible. There’s a good variety in the types of tasks people are offering, from generating QR codes to posting links on Facebook fan pages.

Some start to tread into some legal gray areas, however, as you can see with “Mykey” above: He (or she) is offering to give you whatever software and keygen that you want. I imagine dabbling in pirated software through this job board might not be the brightest idea.

What Kind of Gigs for Ten or Twenty Bucks?

There is one competing job board where members can only offer jobs for five dollars. There is another where “employers” can offer to pay much less than five bucks. Just a Five goes in the opposite direction.

In addition to the standard five dollar fee, the job board also allows members to post jobs for ten dollars or twenty dollars. There are no other increments, so the members are forced into one of these three price brackets.

This has the potential of adding a fair amount of value to the jobs offered, as something sold for $20 can be more substantial than a five-dollar gig. Coming from the perspective of a freelancer, I can’t do much for you for five dollars, but I am willing to commit some more time if it’s a $20 job.

Going even further, some members have gotten even more creative. They’re offering bulk sales for added service. That’s one way to make more than five bucks at a time.

How Does JustaFive.com Make Money?

Naturally, Just a Five is in it for the money too. If all the jobs are $5, $10, or $20, how does the job board provider fit into the mix? Well, they take a commission.

Just a Five takes 20% from the price paid by the buyer, leaving 80% for the original seller. This isn’t exactly a small commission, but it’s not absurdly huge either. It can hard generating a full-time income with $4 (net) gigs, but Just a Five could be a suitable supplementary source of money.

Make Money with the Affiliate Program

In addition to making some money through the small jobs (or through buying these services from the site’s members), you can earn some extra cash through the referral program as well.

JustaFive.com pays you 5% of the lifetime revenue generated by anyone that you refer to the site. This is true of both buyers and sellers that you refer their way.

In the end, calling the site JustaFive.com is a bit of misnomer, given that $10 and $20 gigs are also available, but the online job board seems to be reasonably effective in what it has to offer. There’s not a lot that separates this site from others like it, so it really depends on the value offered by its members.