What To Do When Your Blog Isn’t Making Enough Money

I’d like us to audit your blog’s performance today, if you don’t mind.

If your blog isn’t making enough money to live the internet lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about, you’re not alone.

Back in the day, I struggled to grow my blog past the teething stage, which is usually hectic and risky.

Yep, it takes a lot of determination to push your new blog outside the failure zone.

The zeal and passion you once had can disappear in a hurry. Only you can say for sure, how you feel about blogging.

As for me, I’m rocking it these days. Because I’ve learned not to overwork myself (updating my blog daily).

I’m going to give you a road map for creating money-sucking content. If you’re ready, let’s go…

The problem might not be your content

Oftentimes, we blame low-quality content as the only reason why we’re not making enough money online – but other factors come into play to help boost your blog’s earning potential as well.

Yes, quality content is King and I’d always encourage you to produce the best for your readers.

Unfortunately, so many bloggers and content marketers have good content. I mean practicable, valuable and informative blog posts but the money isn’t forthcoming. In this case, we need to look at the content structure, not the quality.

Write content that generate sales


Did you know that if your paragraphs are bulky, readers can’t read in between the lines easily?

If your affiliate link appears inside the paragraph that has no space, conversion rate would decline.

Sure, the idea on the content might be excellent, helpful and evergreen, but until someone reads it, you’ve wasted your time and no amount of prayer can help you.

In that line, here are 4 simple ways to format your content and make more money from your readers:

1.   Add a clear benefit to your headline

What benefit do your headlines offer? Your target audience must identify that benefit – even before they click to read more.

Don’t write a vague headline that doesn’t speak to the reader. In this modern age where Google is releasing new updates, stuffing keywords on headline can only sabotage you.

Instead, answer your reader’s question. Make it clear. If your headline says “5 steps” to get a definite result, don’t digress from the main point. You need to understand that bloggers who don’t make enough money yet, are finding it difficult to write clickable headlines.

You should give absolute attention to mastering this craft. It can make you a better writer. And if you can write well, nothing can stop you from making money online.

3.   Make your paragraph three lines at most

No matter what you’re writing about, if the paragraphs are bulky, you’d find it difficult to engage readers. For every paragraph you write, break up large chunks of text and have at least three lines.

Take a closer look at my paragraphs for this post. You’d observe that each bulk of text is either three lines or less. That’s why you can read through this post.

Blogging is different from novel writing, where you can cluster texts and still win. Reader’s attention span is low on the internet – but they can spend hours reading a novel.

Make it easy for readers to enjoy your content. Let the words flow naturally, connecting previous idea with the next. That’s how I write my content and it hasn’t ceased to produce staggering results.

3.   Get a professional blog design

On the internet, people actually judge a book by its cover. Offline might be different, because I’ve read books with odd hard covers. When you’re marketing online, you need a good and professional design.

You can study pro bloggers; they all have good and professional themes. You don’t have to pay huge sums of money to get a custom design, especially when your budget is low.

Target audience would be more receptive to your content and eventually take action to try it if your design is cute.

The moment I paid a professional theme designer to customize my blog, I started to make more money from the same blog that was proving stubborn.

A good blog design aligns your content to suit potential customers. If you promote affiliate offers, you can’t afford to use free themes that your granny hates. Think about it…

4.   Call to action early

Whether you’re selling an affiliate offer, your own product or a consulting service, you need to call for action early.

Making a promise on the headline is the quickest way to prepare potential buyers. The introduction also must answer a question or tell the reader what to expect as they read along.

I once read an informative blog post. At the end of the post, I was expecting at least a link to buy the product or subscribe to a list, unfortunately I didn’t find any.

And because I was motivated to try the product, I had to contact the author and finally, an affiliate link was sent to me.

Imagine what would happen if after solving your reader’s problem with your content, you’re able to lead them through the sales funnel? You’d make more money than folding your arms and waiting for people to step up on their own accords.

Take this home

Trust me, to make money blogging; quality content isn’t the ultimate problem. I discovered a long time ago that the way you “FORMAT YOUR CONTENT” is what makes the difference.

Start by looking at your audience. They don’t want you to solve all their problems, but at least one that bugs their minds. Challenge yourself today because you can make a CHANGE.

If you need well-written content to grow your blog;s traffic and income or as a guest post, see my content marketing service.

When you write content for your audience, ensure that the articles are readable, clear, simple and have a linear call to action instructions. Leave a comment below If you’ve enjoyed reading this. See you at the top!