What You Can Learn From The Ashley Madison Hack

By now, you have no doubt heard about the hack on Ashley Madison. Their site was broken into, and the names and information of the 35 million subscribers was released to the public.

Ashley Madison was a site intended to connect people who were searching for a partner to have an affair with. They even have a catchy tag line that reads, “Life is short. Have an affaire.” It’s not hard to imagine why they’re one of the most hated sites on the Internet.


When the names of those who made an account were exposed, a lot of people were caught with their pants down (pun intended). Users of Ashley Madison were blindsided. Lives were changed. Families were never the same. There’s even reports of two suicides.

I’m Not an Ashley Madison User, How Doe This Relate To Me?

The exact same thing happens when you are living paycheck to paycheck, and you have a car accident. Or you fall down the stairs. Or you lose your job. Your world is changed and you have to pick up the pieces, just like the former users of Ashley Madison.

There is a way to avoid this. You can prepare for the future in a way that will guarantee you will be ready when the unthinkable happens. The first step is to unhook yourself from the J.O.B world and remove yourself as the income source. Then you need to create a system that makes the money so you can life the Dot Come Lifestyle.

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