When Blogging Becomes More Than Just Bread and Butter

Blogging is definitely one of the many means of earning money online. However, there is more to blogging than meets the eye. There are many passionate bloggers out there, who blog not just for the money, but also for their love for blogging. I started off as a blogger about 3 years ago, not for the passion, but for the money. I had a software job, which I had to quit as my family was relocating to another city. In the new place, blogging was one of the few options I had for earning a living. However, during this blogging journey, something happened. A breakthrough! New doors opened! Doors which I hadn’t known to exist! Doors that led me into discovering more about myself.

This article is a glimpse of some of my experiences as a blogger. This could be helpful for all the budding bloggers who’ve just embarked on the journey.

Blogging made me believe in my opinions

During my initial blogging days, I used hesitate to write my true opinion about something, just because a majority of the other bloggers had a different one. Since I was new to blogging, I spent several hours going through blogs from experienced writers. Many of these articles, were not mere blogs. They were gateways to the writers’ hearts, their thoughts and emotions. I was inspired by the way these writers expressed their views. They did not beat the drums because everyone else was doing it. I wouldn’t call them rebellious, but they strongly, yet politely, just stood up for what they believed in. It slowly dawned on me that a blogger does not necessarily have to opine what everyone else is opining. He needn’t be rude either. Putting forth opinions, in a manner that will not hurt anybody’s feelings is the mark of a skillful blogger.

And slowly I started paying close attention to that little voice within, which had something to say when I was blogging. It made me feel happier, stronger and more confident.

Expressing Ideas

As I progressed on this road, I soon realized that I was able to express myself better when I write. I started composing little poems and write-ups for my family and friends, for their birthdays and anniversaries. They seemed delighted and touched. The contentment I got, seeing the glow in their eyes, when they read the poems, is inexplicable. All these incidents further led to strengthening my bond with blogging.

A means of learning

One of the biggest advantages of blogging is the opportunity it provides to understand and learn various subjects. Technology was my blogging niche, initially. However, I also had the opportunity to write on subjects related to finance and real estate. Finance and investments were never my cup of tea. In fact, I even detested reading articles related to these fields. But when the opportunity came, I had no way out, but to swallow the bitter medicine. I started spending hours, poring over finance related blogs. Lo and behold! I soon developed a sweetspot for the subject. Thus blogging helped widen my knowledge base too.

Blogging for money is not at all a bad thing. However, if blogging puts a big smile across your face, then it’s just the right thing!

This article has been contributed by Trinity Nick, who’s been blogging for about 3 years now. While technology is her main niche, she has written articles on various other subjects as well. Currently, she is working on a project for CashforGoldUSA, a part of CJ Environmental Inc., one of the largest precious metal recycling corporations in North America. CashforGoldUSA has as well been testified by Fox News as a company that pays “3x more cash than the competition.”.