600HP 2008 Viper – When In Doubt, Add More Power


There is an old saying in the automotive world that say you should add more power when you don’t know what upgrades to make for the next model year. In the case of the Dodge Viper team, they actually have a very good reason to increase the power of their Viper to 600HP. Ever since Chevy introduced the Z06 Corvette (the car in my header), the Viper has taken a back seat to Chevy’s 198MPH land rocket.

In the classic “bigger is better” way of American thinking, the boys at Dodge extracted 20% more power from the Viper’s motor by making it bigger than it already is. The Viper V10 now displaces a truly massive 8.4 liters. According to Dodge, this is enough to send the snake from 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds and on to a top speed of 200+ MPH.

To keep the Viper’s long hood from being melted by the heat of the new motor, Dodge has gouged six gaping cooling vents into it. I think it looks pretty cool, especially with the racing strip.

The new Viper will be available this summer as a 2008 model. Expect to pay about $90,000 for this Z06 eater. Unlike the Z06, the 2008 Viper will be available in coupe and roadster versions.


The Viper’s fastest American car status is expected to be short lived. Not be out done by Dr. Z, the boys with the bow tie are planning a 650HP Supercharged Z06 for 2008.

Now I have a dilemma; get a 600HP Viper this summer or a 650HP Z06 in 2008? Decisions, decisions.