Where Was The Buffet?

Tonight I went to a Tech Vibes Unplugged networking event. This was their “Holiday Celebration” and it promised to be a big event with catered buffet, technology showcase of over 30 booths and, of course, networking. Tickets were $19.00 advance and $29.00 at the door. Normally I like Tech Vibe’s events and has attended quite a few of them, but tonight’s event was a bit of a let down.

First there wasn’t any catered buffet. As a matter of fact, there was no buffet at all. Just a few waitresses walking around the room with some finger food – that’s not my idea of a buffet. Seconds, there wasn’t anywhere close to 30 booths of exhibitors. There was maybe a dozen at the most and they were the same old companies that attended every Tech Vibes event – except for this start up call Pets Mobility that was trying to market a GPS tracker for pets. It’s a nice concept and all. I’m sure anyone who has lost a pet wished they had this device. The only problem is the size of the unit – it’s HUGE! I was expecting something the size of a keychain, not a walkie talkie! I guess they’ll be selling to big dogs only until they can make a mini unit.

While this Tech Vibes event wasn’t as good as some of the past, I did have a good time networking with some of the Tech Vibes forum members. It’s always good to be able to put a face to people you talk to on the internet.