Why Email Marketing Doesn’t Work For You

When Email Marketing Doesn’t Work For You – whose fault is it?

Having an email list is great, right?

With the way blogging experts are praising email marketing as the best marketing channel, you may assume it’s easy.

But what if your subscribers aren’t listening to you?

Maybe you’ve tried to please them in your own special way, but nothing seems to be coming out of it.

You claimed to have a list with hundreds of members, but when you send a newsletter, you get meager open rates or nothing.

This is scary, but it’s definitely not a new thing. It’s been happening to email marketers.

In fact, there was a time when I had 350 persons on my email list in 2010, but later gave up because they were not opening my emails.

So, why is email marketing not working for you? Let me quickly highlight the 3 mistakes and how to fix them right now.

1.   You don’t provide VALUE

What encouraged people to subscribe to your list in the first place?

Wasn’t it because you gave away a valuable e-book, short report and so on? The truth of the matter is that the only thing that can keep your subscribers is VALUE.

Find out what they need and start giving it to them. If you fail to deliver value, you’re indirectly telling your list members to join your competitors’.

Don’t just share every blog post with your subscribers. Share only the ones that would benefit them.

I’ve a list but I’ve never shared a guest post that some other bloggers sent to me. It might be helpful, but since I didn’t write it or experiment what the author stated, I can’t vouch for it.

Managing a list is a delicate business because you’re building trust. Invest adequate time to create valuable e-books, a whitepaper, video tutorials, podcast et al and share it all for free with your subscribers. Even if you’re in the extreme workout niche and review p90x, always deliver value before asking people to buy.

If you don’t provide value, no one would click, read or buy the product you’re promoting. Your email list will be dead. Don’t allow that to happen.

2.   You’re speaking to everybody


One other reason why email marketing isn’t working for you is because you’re speaking to everybody. You may be confused right now, but don’t worry – I’ll explain.

Have you ever read a salesletter before? Now, copywriters do a great job to persuade potential customers on the need for the product they’re selling.

Even though the salesletter is meant to persuade thousands of potential buyers, each word, line, sentence and structure is tailored to suit just ONE person at a time.

This is a simple concept actually but it produces results. If you’re using a good autoresponder, you should always use “you” and address subscribers by their first name.

Write your newsletters and broadcast emails as if you were talking to a friend. And envisage that friend standing by you.

Use storytelling to explain complicated issues via email. It’s going to help you get more open and conversion rates. And the last mistake why email marketing doesn’t work for you is that…

3.   You don’t have your own product

TRUST is the watchword of email marketing. Keeping in touch with subscribers regularly would enable you establish that friendship and influence them.

But more importantly, you need to have a product of your own. Being a product owner actually breeds trust. It sends a rapid signal to your list members, telling them that TRULY you’re an expert.

In the blogosphere, bloggers who don’t have their own products aren’t regarded as experts.

For me, if you don’t sell any product that bears your name as the owner, I’d think twice before listening to you. The best time to start creating your own product is now. I mean right now.

My first information product (an e-book) would be out anytime from now. Be the first to know. I’m working hard to make it the best, so that I can build my brand, earn passive income and help my target audience build a profitable online business.

I can assure you that when you launch your own information product, your subscribers are going to like it – providing that you bring VALUE to the marketplace and help them in achieving their ultimate objectives.

What do you say?

Have you been using email marketing to grow your online business? What do you think is the best way to get better open rates? Share your comment beneath. See you at the top!

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