Why It’s a Good Idea to Quit College and Start a Business

The value of a college degree is decreasing every year, but the head master of the university won’t tell you that. And my complaints is if the value kept on dropping and jobs that requires a bachelor degree is getting scarcer and scarcer every year, why are the tuition fee going up every year?

University’s Outrageous Cost

The average tuition fee for most universities is approximately $30,000 to $50,000 for four years for instate students. If you choose to go to private or elite universities, it can easily cost you $30,000 to $50,000 per year. Did I mention this is the cost before buying books and food?

These universities need to base their tuition fee on the earning potential of the students once he/she graduate. If the earning potential of an average student with a bachelor degree is weakening, should these universities’ lower their fees?

I mean, universities’ graduates with a bachelor degree today are being laid off in more parts of the United States than ever before. And with new students graduating every year, can you really compete?

3 Reasons to Quit College

Unless, you’re getting a 3.5 to 4.0 at elite universities such as Harvard or Yale, it’s a good idea to quit college and start a business. It’s not hard to figure out why college is a waste of your time even if all your tuition fees are paid for:

#1) Are You Learning About Something That You’re Passionate About?

Most college students are not passionate about what they’re learning about. If you’re going to college, you know this. In most case, you’ll have to take general class that you don’t necessary need for your major. It seems to me that college has become nothing but a business that overcharges you for little value of education.

If you’re passion is to become a doctor, I’m not saying that you’re going the wrong path. The mistake that many people make is to go to college, study a certain subject and then graduate just to work in a Wal-Mart. Nearly all the managers of Wal-Mart doesn’t have a college degree, so what’s the point of going to college in the first place.

#2) Will You Make More Money With Less Stress After Graduation?

College for me is just training you to be someone else’s employee; this is true even for business school. And the big question is what will happen after graduation?

Even if you land a job, you’re probably working hard to make more money for someone without a college degree. That’s if you can find a job.

But the real depression will hit you once you find out that you have to pay off those loans that you took out to pay for your tuition fees, books, and food during the four years. And all you got for those hardships is a degree and knowledge that you won’t be able to use for a long time. Did you know that most college graduates work in a field unrelated to their degree?

#3) Will You Get Your Time Back?

If you’ve been to college, you know that it’s not easy. Professors will give you a boat load of homework that needs to be done within a short amount of time, plus a test. Students are always thinking of ways to get away and actually drop out.

In my opinion, a motivated person who wants to succeed will succeed no matter what. There’s always a better path that the ones that our teachers and parent gave us. And only the true leaders will sought that path.

Most college students don’t have a life because they’re taking too many classes hoping to graduate soon and start their life. But trying to hard will make people tired and stressed out. But the real question is you using your time wisely and making every minute worth something? Make sure you are, for those times are gone forever.

Mindsets Are Difficult to Change

Since a child our mind were conditioned by our teachers and parents that a college degree is necessary to succeed. When you’re thinking a certain way for too long it’s hard to change that mindset.

But understand that the majority of the men/women who can afford to live during the past few decades don’t have a college degree.

More often than not, with a college degree you can afford to survive and out food on the table, but you can’t afford to live.

Deep down inside, you know this is true, but your teachers and parents have conditioned your mind, that if you don’t have a college degree, you’ll be flipping burger at McDonald the rest of your life. But I’m happy to let you know that a lot of people working at McDonald are making more than a college graduate because they actually have income and less debt.

3 Reasons to Start a Business in 2010

#1) We’re Living in America

The United States of America is viewed by most country across the globe as “The Beautiful Country” or The Land of Opportunity”. It wouldn’t have been viewed this way by so many countries and people in the world if it didn’t deserve it.

In fact, if you can’t get rich in America, you can’t get rich anywhere in the world.

#2) Procrastination Leads to Failure

If you want to do something you have to do it now and not some other day. This is because some other day never comes. If you decided not to do it now, chances are you’ll never do it.

2010 is a good year to start a business because the economy is still recovering, which is creating opportunities. Did you know that more people get rich during an economic depression than any other time?

#3) You’re Already Failing

Everybody’s afraid to fail, but you shouldn’t be afraid to fail because you’re already failing. You won’t understand this until you really think of your current situation.

If you’re going to a non-elite university majoring in something that won’t land you a job with the government, you’re failing. On second thought, if you can manage to graduate in the top 10 rank of your class, you’ll have a chance. This means studying from dawn to dust and not having a life for at least four years.

Lucky for you, there’s no dead end (not if you’re living in America). Whenever I think I’m at a dead end, there’s always that light that shows me a path to leave that dead end behind.

Final Words

I understand that this is a daring topic and will get me some negative comments, but I have to let the truth be told.

And I’m not encouraging anyone to start a business without doing any research (that’s stupid), but I do encourage people going to college to consider a different path. There’s nothing you can do with a degree in biology or history besides teaching at a school. 2 to 3 months of summer vacation, I would go for it.

If you’re a student majoring in literature, make sure you start writing your own books to sale. Being an author and selling your own creation is a good business you can start. But if you just want to go online and ramble like me, you don’t need a college degree. On second thought, you don’t need a degree in literature to become a bestselling author.

No matter what you do, make sure your passion comes first. You can make money anywhere, so why waste your precious time working towards a job that you have no passion for.

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