Why Make Money Online Isn’t The Most Profitable Niche

We already know that in order to make money online massively we need to be good at something that not many people do. I don’t know if you know about Jacob Hiller but he managed to earn mad dough only by basically telling people how to jump higher in his ebook. He’s just one of many example anyway. But what if the only thing you know the best is making money online itself? Of course you either going to sell an ebook about how to make money online or start a blog that will tell people how to make money online properly in daily basis. Those are the most common choices and apparently where the most internet marketers go.

But this niche is also where most internet marketers fail miserably. Make money online niche is one of the hardest competition out there, but unfortunately NOT the most profitable one. Let me show you why.

#1, Almost Everything You Do Would be Useless

When you’re building a make money online blog with rock solid contents, reliable information, nice onpage and offpage SEO work, you will eventually attract more traffic after quite sometime. But 80% your visitors will be those who already in this business and at least already have their own websites. These folks know exactly which one is the ad, which one is an affiliate link, which one is the daily post and which one is the paid review. So basically, every effort you do in your blog will be pretty much useless, since you’re not tricking anybody!

#2, Google Ads: More Traffic for Less Income

Google Ads is suppose to be one of your biggest income source. But in make money online niche, it won’t be. I was applying Google Ads in one of my blog which was competing in make money online niche. And that was the very blog of mine with the worst Google Ads income. First, it’s because the visitors know very well that it’s a Google Ad unit no matter how hard I try to blend it with the contents. So expecting for clicks is almost impossible in this niche. But the worst part is, you can’t even expect to earn well from the impression either. Simply because most webmasters in this niche depend a lot more on the SEO to get traffic, and not the SEM. And since less advertisers means less eCPM, so basically you will earn a lot less for a lot more traffic you got. Sounds damn terrible, doesn’t it?

#3, They Want All Your Secrets, and They Want it Free!

Internet marketers don’t have time for your yapping or your insightful thoughts over things. In make money online niche, your visitors don’t care about your ramblings. Yes, they don’t unless you’re John Chow. All they want is your secrets, new SEO strategies, new dofollow high PageRank sites, or everything else that would come in handy for their business (and pretty much everything they need to beat you in the competition). So in order to keep them coming back, you need to share rock solid information about make money online for free every single day.There are less space where you can have fun with your writings because these bastards just won’t care. So basically you’re gonna wake up every single morning thinking ‘what the hell am I gonna write today? I shared everything I know already!’. You might end up throwing-in the towel soon enough, unless you can handle this for the next 5 years.

#4, People Don’t Buy Make Money Online Ebook Anymore

Let’s face it. It only happened back in the early of 2000. People were curious about make money online back then they were all over the ebooks like the housewives at Walmart on Christmas holidays. But internet marketers grew up sick of these ebooks. So no matter how hard you try to make a compelling rock solid ebook, everytime people landed on your sales page they would think ‘it’s just another same old crap’. And even if you got sales, believe me that those who bought your ebook are only your competitors who would upload it to the forums, or copy and rewrite it to make their own ebook. So just give it up already.

So, the Solution?

I’m not expecting you to agree with me, but in make money online niche I’d rather make the blog work for me than the other way around. Making the blog work for you here isn’t referring to auto generated content, autoblog, or any other blackhat method. It means you have to find a way how to get rock solid unique contents every day without even have to write at all. Only by that you can put your focus more on the SEO rather than tiring yourself up analyzing, experimenting, and writing posts in daily basis. Is it impossible? I don’t think so. You just need to rethink the whole process and you’ll find the way.

A guest post by EM.