Why Working Online Beats The Hell Out Of Having a Job

JOB = Just Over Broke

Given my current situation now – having a full time job and part time working on making money online – I feel I am in need of expressing the benefits of working online as compared to having a full time job. Note that I am having such comparison based on actual incidences and every point that I am going through is indefinitely backed up by real occurrence and facts. I am thankful that I personally get to live the ‘best’ of both worlds. Why? Because I get to see both sides of the story personally and decide for myself which way I ought to take.

Yes, we are constantly told about the ‘benefits’ and ‘privileges’ of working online as compared to being employed. In a way it does, but how many of us actually get to personally experience it? Take note that what I am about to write is just not some typical ‘yeah’ of having an online job. It is also not to scare the hell out of you about the ‘devil’ that lurks within being employed. I believe each of us has a tale to tell and this is my part of the story.

Let me just start by telling you a bit about my background and how I got about being employed.

Considering my age at current, 22, I have never been ‘officially’ employed. Not until a year ago. It was year 2009 -June- I just got back from a 3 months tormenting experience of studying abroad. I came to know about making money online but figures out I would still need a ‘proper’ job to sustain myself until I am capable of turning full time online. Not because I was from a poor family background or some sort, but I was at an age where I should seek independence financially and mentally. Instead of going about preparing a resume and seeking for a job, I went about working under my father’s wing. I wasn’t the typical ‘little boss’ you think I would be, instead, I see myself like any other employees around. Having a very strict father and ‘boss’, I was burdened with much more pressure, more gossips and am constantly being treated from colleagues behind a mask.

I feel like I needed to really share this out. I didn’t decide to go about posting up onto my blog instead because it hasn’t reach towards an amount of decent traffic just yet. I needed people to read this not because it is something to brag about. Because I am determined to let the world know that success is in your own hands and responsibility to decide. If you think having a full time offline job sucks, taking orders from somebody else sucks, making others rich where else you are even barely able to sustain yourself financially sucks, where having to deal with ‘office politically’ issues that drains off your mind and body gradually sucks, then I urge you to take a stand, for yourself and your future.

Why I said that working online beats the total crap out of having a full time job a.k.a. ‘office servants’.

You Are Totally Tied Down and I Meant Completely

What if I say that you are no difference from a mindless zombie? What can we say about a zombie? Zombies are infested being that reacts on how a virus has ultimately ‘programmed’ it to be. You go about doing what typical zombie does. You feed, you kill and you spread your deadly virus all over the place. Nothing else! When you are being employed full time offline, you are being ruled by somewhat a higher ‘power’ a.k.a. the company’s policies, rules and regulations and ultimately your superior or boss. You do exactly what it says and you spread this ‘custom’ too. How? By believing in working under somebody, you will eventually be passing down or influencing this negative trait to your kids, your closest friends or family and people around you. You are tied down financially and basically your daily ‘activities’ too. You’ve develop a rigid routine that is in favour of others. Each month, you only receive what you have been told to. Never more but there’s a high chance of getting less.

Have you constantly been asking yourself just how great it would be if you could just decide on how much you make, how early you wake, how you don’t have to take orders and how you don’t have to work as thou you are being ruled by a superior force of which when neglected would see that you will be forcefully ‘judged’? Learning the ways of making money online will see that all this are fulfilled. Ask any of the successful blogger or internet marketers around and I can guarantee you that they would never for once ever think of going back to the sort of ‘zombie-like-life’ they used to.

Do You Like ‘Political’ Issues? I Certainly Don’t

Let me just quote an excerpt that my friend once said to me.

“Where there are people, there ought to be gossips”

Where there are gossips, there tend to form little ‘tribes’ of their own. Each having their own distinctive ‘beliefs’. I don’t know much about the current state of your company (if you are still holding onto a full time day job) but the one that I am working in certainly has many tribes of their own. Certainly, whether you like it or not, people tend to hold grudge. Some would be able to handle their personal emotions well but for those that don’t; they will eventually go about spreading a ‘jeopardizing’ illness. It is very sickening to even just witness it. Everyone wears a ‘mask’, hiding away their ‘true’ intention. In the end, there is eventually no one you could trust. Professionalism is no longer cultivated. Everyone just wants a piece of the ‘action’. I have seen many capable individuals call it quit because they succumb to such ‘activities’. It saddens me greatly.

When I work online, I do not have to deal with this sort of nonsense anymore. I get to practically work on what I like to do without being judged. I will be able to surround myself with similar individuals that have the same likes as me. This is sad to say but somehow, users online tend to be much more sincere in what they do and deliver as compared to real life individuals.

You Lose The Ability To Decide On What Works Best

As I have mentioned, you are constantly being overpowered by the ‘greater being’ in your company. You certainly would not have the freedom or luxury to make decisions. There is a force of which you must always obey. Even if it proofs that you are right or that your proposal seems much more fruitful for the company, if the upper heads don’t see it that way, if they think it sucks, then it certainly is ‘sucky’. And if they think its brilliant, you rejoiced and praised yourself, thinking just how dazzling you have been in pleasing your bosses. In the end, you lose the ability to decide despite what works best or not. All you are thinking about is finding ways to satisfy the upper head of the company. Somewhat like ‘worshipping’, I must say.

When you work online however, every action that you take will eventually decides on how much you will progress and prospect. You have certainly no one to please but yourself and you decide on what works best towards your beset intention. Not only will you be able to enhance your analytical skill to harness your own credibility, you even get put it to far greater use than to just impress your boss and gain nothing out from it. Of course your superior would be ever so please to see that you are working in favour of the company but what makes you think they would appreciate what you are doing? Instead, they believe it is ultimately your responsibility to do so. If you don’t, you are terminated. Never a lose to them, but there goes your morale and confidence.

Climbing The Step To Success The ‘Dire’ Way

Now, now I believe many would have cultivated the beliefs of climbing the cooperate steps take ‘real’ effort and determination. Is it effort and determination in the sense of working ability or pleasing the right person? What seems more realistic?

In my context, I have witness many employee working under my father climbing the cooperate steps the ‘easy’ way. As long as you are able to please the right person and work in their favour regardless of the consequences, I assure you that you will make it big in no time. It works but it sickens me. Where else the really hardworking and determined one continue staying bottom and working their a** off.

Somehow, I believe as the higher you get, the more blinded you become. Instead of understanding what is exactly going in the company, superiors tend to gather information through the mouth of their employees. What happen if they have heard it from the ‘wrong’ type of people? Yes, innocent people are penalized and the bad guys win.

There are no steps to climb when you work online. There is no such thing as admin internet marketer, a manager internet marketer, a supervisor internet marketer and other non-sensible status implemented in the process of making money online. You decide where you stand. The more you equip yourself with knowledge, the more you work and strive, the higher will your profits online. Climbing the steps of cooperate is no ‘easy’ task and I must say in one way or another, I am impress by how there ought to be people who care less about their own pride and dignity just so they could hide under the formidable cover of their superiors.

Where Do You See Yourself In Future To Come?

In another 10 years or so, where do you see yourself at? Do you have dreams? Do you have your own goals to achieve? Or would you rather continue spending the rest of your life working beneath someone?

In another 10 years to come, would you rather have the utmost income ability to do whatever you want and whenever you want? To lavish yourself with practically anything you desire? Do you not want to b e successful yourself? Do you not want to be ‘somebody’ too yourself? I know I want and I want it not in another 10 years to come, but 5. I know it will be possible because I know making money online will see that I get it. If you think that you would rather work till the age of 50, retire and enjoy life then, I must say you are no difference from any typical individual in majority the world has. No more than outstanding. No more than being just another person.

Live life to the fullest and make every moment counts whether if it is for a second. Be that person you have always dreamed to be and take life seriously. =)

What Do You Have To Say For Yourself Now?

It is my greatest wish for this article to serve as a LOUD ‘WAKE UP’ call for you. By no means am I trying to offend anyone with my personal definition of such subject. All I am saying is that:

You Are Responsible For Your Own Success – Not Anyone Else

I don’t mean to be harsh but this is the real world. If you still don’t take responsibility for your own success into your own hands, then the end results will not be what you are looking for.

Do you have a story to share or that you see things the other way around? I welcome every point of opinions and certainly am not afraid of contradicting ideas. As mentioned, we have out part of the story to share. I would really love to hear about what others have to say. =)

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