Win a Copy of WhiteSmoke 2011 Grammar and Spelling Checker

WhiteSmoke 2011 is our world-class software application for correcting and enhancing your English writing. It allows you to perform advanced grammar checking, style checking, and spell checking on your texts, in a single click. The latest version features Writing Review, a summary of your text giving an overall score and points for action.

English is a second language for me so a program like WhiteSmoke really is useful. The main features include:

  • Grammar and Spelling Have your texts enhanced with advanced algorithms that check your grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, and more!
  • Full-Text Translation Using advanced statistical machine translation (SMT) technology, you can translate full texts in one click.
  • Multilingual Dictionary Translates single words and gets usage examples for every word you translate.
  • Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) technology are at the core of our solutions.

To operate WhiteSmoke, open a word processor such as Word or Notepad, Highlight the text you wish to proofread and click the F2 key on your keyboard. When you’re in the WhiteSmoke window, corrections will appear above the words. Simply click on the corrections to accept them, or click on the word itself for further options. When you have finished correcting the text, it is advised to click the ‘Check’ button, so that the program will check the text once more with the changes. To conclude the session and replace the original text with the corrected one, click ‘Apply’.

WhiteSmoke is by far the most advanced grammar and spell checker in the industry. It was able to catch errors that MS Word couldn’t. WhtieSmoke was able to correct the sentence, “They did not except our offer. I still wander why.” while MS Word found nothing wrong.

Download and Try WhiteSmoke for Free

You can download a trial version of WhiteSmoke here. The trial version is the same as the full version. The only difference is there’s a time limit on the trial. After a week, you will have to purchase a license or stop using it.

Win a Full WhiteSmoke License

WhiteSmoke gave me a full license to give away. Reply to this post and you’re entered. Winner will be drawn at this Saturday’s Dot Com Pho. Download WhiteSmoke now and see how it improves your spelling and grammar. I wish you good luck winning the full license.

Click Here To Download WhiteSmoke