Win A Free T-shirt Just By Tweeting

Hey everyone, Melody Nieves here, loyal John Chow Dot Com reader fan and winner of the Azoogle Ads Playboy party T-shirt design contest. Most recently (July 15th) I launched a new line of digitally painted t-shirt designs and I’m very happy to team up with John to allow his readers to win a free T-shirt of your choice.

Cuerpo T-shirt Line

“Cuerpo,” meaning, “body” in Spanish, is my new line of designs which celebrate the human form, while exploring the idea of what it would be like to inhabit the various curves which make up the body.

clouded vision

How to Enter

The instructions for how to enter this contest are very simple.

  1. Visit to look at the t-shirt design you would like to win.
  2. Use the following to note which t-shirt you would like:

    Option A) Clouded Vision
    Option B) Fishing For Memories
    Option C) In The Palm of My Hand
    Option D) Watch My Back
    Option E) An Irresistible Climb

  3. Tweet me your choice as follows:

    I Want To Win T-shirt Option (letter) From @melodynieves

And that’s it! Quick and easy right?


The deadline for your tweets will be August 1st, 2009, when one lucky winner will be chosen at random. Good luck to all who enter, I look forward to announcing the winner!