Win A Nintendo Wii At Darin Carter

Search Engine Marketing man, Darin Carter, is taking a page from my evil play book by giving away a Nintendo Wii and he ordered up a ReviewMe review to let you all know about it. How evil is that? The contest is pretty much the same as my Wii contest, which was won by Nate Whitehill. However, there is one twist to Darin’s contest.

The process is very simple – review my blog and I’ll link to your site review. The review must be at least 225 words and you have to include a link to this blogs home page and this post using the Anchor Text “Search Engine Marketing“.

If you write a review on Darin Carter’s blog, not only will he link to you, he’ll add your name to a drawing for the Nintendo Wii. However, you need to get your review in before June 11 because that’s the date of the draw. I would imagine after that, Darin will continue with the review for link back promotion but there’ll be no prizes up for grabs.

Who Is Darin Carter

Darin Carter is a business development guy at heart but he’s been doing PPC ads for himself and clients for over five years. His blog, Darin.CC, is what he uses to share his search engine marketing knowledge with the world. Some of his more noteworthy posts includes.

Darin.CC has a very clean three-column layout. However, the colors are kinda bland and don’t stand out. He should play around with it to give the blog some pop. The blog is updated at least once per day. Most of the posts are written by Darin but some are guest posts. I notice that Darin allows his guest bloggers to repost what they wrote on their blogs. This is something I don’t allow because Google don’t sites with duplicate content.

Darin has a full feed RSS but he places a read more tag on many of his posts so you need to click on the link in order to read the entire entry. This read more link shows up in the RSS feed as well. Darin’s blog doesn’t have enough post per day to justify doing this. I recommend he remove it. I also noticed that some of Darin’s older posts may have came from free article services. However, all the recent entries are completely original.

Darin’s blog is monetized with Google AdSense, Kontera, ReviewMe, Text Link Ads and AdVolcano. It’s good to see Darin is not putting all his income eggs in one basket. However, the placement and blending of the AdSense ads could be better.

If I win the Nintendo Wii

Even though this is a sponsored review, it still qualifies as an entry into Darin’s Nintendo Wii contest. If I end up winning the Wii, I plan to give it away with another evil contest. My chances of winning are very good. Right now, there’s only five entries including mine. However, I have a feeling the amount of submissions is about to go up really fast.