Win Money With The Incredible Cash Machine

While the theme of this blog is to help you make money online, eczod figures they can use it to help you win money online. eczod ordered a ReviewMe review to help create some buzz for their newest creation, a cute little Internet based game that lets you win money without doing anything except retyping a captcha. The game is call the Incredible Cash Machine and it pays out $50 everyday and it’s free for anyone to play.

True to its promise of offering the best entertainment experience, creators of the Incredible Cash Machine wanted to break with the frustration brought by games based on user subscription or on money payments such as online casino games. is different from these games as it is completely free to play to every incoming visitor, and offers real cash sent to winners’ houses with a complete respect of privacy policies.


To play the game, you simply reproduce the randomly generated word displayed (there is a refresh button in case you can’t make out the captcha), hit OK and hope you win. This can be done at anytime of the day; the goal is to be the first to reproduce the word correctly after the winning session of the Incredible Cash Machine has started. The winning session start time of the machine is randomly generated for each game session, once per 24 hours period.

It’s All About Trust

Any Internet base game that pays money to users needs a certain level of trust before users will participate. eczod has tried to create this trust by having a clearly defined Terms & Conditions and fully disclosed company address and phone numbers. I call the number listed for eczod’s San Mateo address and got a voice mail.

The Business Model

The Incredible Cash Machine is monetized with two Google ads. I must admit, they are creatively placed and very well blended. However, I think the site may conflict with Google’s image near an ad rule.

I’m pretty sure the AdSense ads get a good level of clicks because the game itself is pretty boring. How much fun is it really to enter a captcha? I tried the game three times, didn’t win, got bored and left. I also had to refresh the captcha a bunch of time because it’s really hard to read.

This may all be by design – make the game really boring so the users will notice the “Play Bingo!” Google ad and conclude that would be a lot more fun than the Incredible Cash Machine. I can see the game eventually making more than $50 per day for eczod (if it hasn’t already).

eczod is looking for feedback on their new game. Give the Incredible Cash Machine a try. Let me know if you win and tell eczod what you think of the game. I think it’s a neat concept and I may play it if I’m really bored and have nothing to do.