Winning at Fantasy Sports Pools?


Sports have represented an integral part of our lives ever since we saw the first Olympics in Greece and the gladiator battles in Rome. Fantasy sports have also played an entertaining role in our society, because it allows us to live vicariously through these millionaire athletes.

When you take the office football pool a little more seriously, you probably do your fair share of research online to see what players are hot, what players are not, and what picks you should be making. The subject of today’s review addresses this very market, getting us to dig into the Fantasy Sports Dish. This blog reports on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and more.

Dishing Out on Fantasy Sports

We hear it all the time. If you’re going to start a blog, start with your passion and work on how you can make money from it. That appears to be the case for “Lightfoot Simmons,” the blogger behind Fantasy Sports Dish. The blog went on hiatus last November, but he plans on giving it another push in time for the upcoming fantasy football season.

There hasn’t really been any new material on the blog for months, but some of the content posted last season can give us a glimpse into what we can expect. Lightfoot covers key injuries and his fantasy draft results.

Even when the blog was up and running, there weren’t nearly enough updates. Fantasy sports blogs should have updates at least once a week, if not once a day.

Overall Design and Layout

From a blogging and design perspective, Fantasy Sports Dish looks pretty generic, taking on what looks like a free WordPress theme. That’s not horrible, at least to start, but the content has to overcome the lack of originality in the design.


It’s also important to pay attention to the smaller details, because these add that extra dash of professionalism that separates great blogs from decent blogs. For example, there is some faded background text sitting on the header image. This needs to be removed. It’s faint, but it shows a lack of attention to detail.

Advertising Opportunities

Since I can’t say too much about the actual content of the blog, the review request asked that I take a look at how to best monetize this blog. To start, I would highly suggest a more complete and comprehensive page for advertising opportunities on Fantasy Sports Dish.


The current “Advertise” page only asks potential advertisers to “contact us… and we’ll come up with a package that best fits your needs.” It’s important to outline exactly what opportunities are available, how much they cost, and how payment can be arranged. This weeds out a number of tire-kickers.

From what I can gather, Fantasy sports Dish is only offering two advertising opportunities and, thus, is leaving a lot of money on the table. There are twelve 125×125 ads in the sidebar, as well as a single AdSense placement beneath that.


As with all monetization and optimization strategies, there will be some trial and error involved. That said, I would cut back on the number of 125×125 ad placements and offer alternative ad spots in other areas on the blog. A 468×60 banner underneath the header and above the main content is a good place to start.

One of the best performing ad placements on John Chow dot Com is the inline 300×250 box that is embedded in every post. This is another area that can be considered. Given the fantasy sports slant of the blog, I would see if a partnership can be forged with a related sponsor: sports betting, fantasy sports pools, sports merchandise, etc.

It should be noted that while the layout of Fantasy Sports Dish renders fine from the main page, going into an individual post breaks the theme. The sidebar gets pushed below the content. This needs to be fixed; the content area is probably too wide.

What’s the Over-Under?

Since Fantasy Sports Dish has been under hiatus since November of last year, it’s hard to give it a fair shake for the purposes of this review. It would have been a very good idea to get some new content up, perhaps related to baseball (since it’s the only major sport going on right now), before ordering the review.

As it stands, Fantasy Sports Dish looks really generic and needs to do something to develop its branding, pump out more original content, and expand its advertising opportunities.