Winning The Lottery

A few months ago, I purchased three lottery tickets from The Children’s Charity Variety Lottery. The grand prize was a house worth $1.2 million. I brought the ticket when I went to tour the prize home with Sarah and my friend Carl from It was a nice house but it was located in South Surrey, which is a pretty far drive to Vancouver. I said to myself if I win it, I would sell it because I just can’t see myself living there. Well today I got a letter from this Lottery. Turns out I won!!!! A watch.

Yep, I am the winner of a “Ladies Lorus Watch”. Isn’t that just great? I paid $100 for these lottery tickets and I win a watch that’s most likely worth $25.00. And to add insult to injury, this is a lady’s watch! Oh well, at least I helped out a worthy charity. I think I will give the watch to Ashley.