Wordze – Get Better Search Engine Positioning

I have written many times about the importance of the keywords used in anchor texts. In my Make Money Online review promotion, I offer to link to blogs using the anchor text of their choice. After going through many batches of reviews, I can tell that many webmasters need help selecting proper keywords. Fortunately, this is where services like Wordze comes in. Wordze was nice enough to order a ReviewMe review of their service. It couldn’t have came at a better time because this is a really helpful tool to improve your search engine traffic and achieve better search engine positioning.

Wordze is a keyword research tool that is designed to give you the ability to dig deep into the keyword universe that people search for everyday on search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Wordze does more than just give you a general idea of how often a keyword is being searched. The service offers many useful tools, like WordRack and Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) to get the most out of your keyword research.

Wordze Members’ Page


The Wordze members’ page is where all the action happens. From here, you can access all the Wordze keyword tools – the most important being the keyword research tool at the upper left.

In addition to keyword research, Wordze can research historical keyword trends by month and day, dig into the search engines to see what other keywords people are optimizing for, Check a website’s keyword density, then use its keywords to find more keywords with the Wordze keyword database. There is also a keyword misspell and typo database to find confirmed keywords that people commonly misspell.

Using The Keyword Research Tool


With Wordze’s keyword research tools, you can quickly and easily find high quality keywords. Simply type in a keyword, select your search style along with the number of results you wish to view, and choose your filter options for Wordze to return thousands of highly relevant keywords to use with site optimization or PPC campaigns.

Once Wordze’s keyword research database has returned your results, you will be able to compare search volume, estimated traffic, total number of keywords found that are related to your search, KEI and other critical data that you will need.

Keyword Results Page


One of the most important information the keyword results display is the KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index). KEI is the method of comparing the number of searches for a keyword to the number of results in the search engines. Keyword Effectiveness Index starts at zero and goes up to an indefinite number. The lower a keyword’s KEI the harder it is to rank for it. The KEI for make money online is 17.09.

The Count column is what Wordze has seen from IPS in the last day, or 30 days, depending on the tool. The Keyword Search, Expander, Importer, and Dig tool are all based on 30 days, while the Keyword History tool is based on daily traffic.

The Estimated column is a cross calculation from Internet Portals. Around every 30 days, Wordze will evaluate its estimated traffic by reviewing top ranking sites and/or by Wordze manually running PPC campaigns for keywords in various markets for a better estimate on overall traffic.

WordRank – What It Takes To Rank On Page 1

Have you ever wanted to know what it really takes to become a leader for a keyword? This is what WordRank tells you. Enter the keywords you’re after and WordRank will give you the top sites ranked for that word as well as demographic data on the users that are searching for that keyword.


As you can see from the above, if you want to rank on page 1 for Make Money Online, your site better be at least 13 months old, PR4 and have 745 backlinks. Otherwise, you maybe better off ranking for another keyword.

Some Helpful Videos

Wordze has a couple of videos to help you understand and use their service. The Keyword Research Video is a six minute video that will show you some of the basic search styles of the Wordze keyword research system, as well as teach you how to use keyword stemming, and other refinement commands.

Dig Tool and Keyword Expander is a quick video on how to use the Dig tool. Take the results from other keyword projects and build high quality keyword list with the Keyword Expander tool.

30% Less Than The Competition

The best part about Wordze is the price – it’s 30% cheaper than most other keyword research tools. A monthly membership cost $35. This allows you to do 3,000 keyword searches per day.

You can test out the service with a one-day trial membership for $7.95. This allows you to perform over 3,000 searches, save 10,000 keywords per project and manage unlimited projects. You can also use WordRank and the Keyword Digger. For some webmasters the trail membership maybe all they need – do all your keyword research in one-day long cram session.

Using the Wordze Keyword Research Tool, I came up with hundreds of keyword phrases to try and rank for. Many of the keywords I would have never thought of if I didn’t have the service. I also used the tool to create a huge PPC keyword list for Google AdWords. I am 100% sure the additional search traffic will more than pay for the cost of a Wordze membership.