Wow! I’m Number Five!

I was checking out some of the recent blog comments and noticed a pingback to my Google Whores article from

It seems the Stray Geek was inspired by my story and decided to do one himself. However, instead of focusing on Google whores, the geek made a list of the Internet’s biggest affiliate marketing whores.

The marketers on the list are:

  1. Jon –
  2. Darren Rowse –
  3. Kieron Donoghue –
  4. Jeremy Schoemaker –
  5. John Chow –
  6. Neil Durrant & Paul Knapp – Submission Technology
  7. Andrew Salmon –
  8. Simon Nixon –

I’m not exactly sure how the author came up with his ranking, or if that is even a ranking, but I was quite surprise to see myself on the list. Aside from stating the minimum income level for a Dot Com Mogul is $10,000 a month, I have never publicly stated what my actual internet income is. Still, the blog post is an interesting read and gives examples of some of the deals these marketers pulled off. I really like the story about Shoemoney trying to upload 20 million keywords into a PPC engine.