WP Bounce Generates Income from Exiting Visitors

When it comes to making money with your website, you are going to face a number of challenges. One of the biggest challenges is generating a good amount of traffic, but what if visitors to your site aren’t sticking around to read your content or click on your ads? How can you make sure you aren’t leaving any money on the table.

If your website happens to be powered by WordPress, then WP Bounce might be the solution for you. It’s a WordPress plugin by a guy named Igor and it serves as the subject for today’s review. Let’s see how it works and how you stand to profit from using it.

Monetizing Your Bouncing Traffic

Logging into a service like Google Analytics, you will see something called a “bounce rate” for your website. This represents the visitors to your site who leave almost immediately. What WP Bounce does is give you an opportunity to still monetize that traffic and still have the chance to make some money from those visitors.


After you install and activate WP Bounce on your site (more on this in a moment), visitors to site will experience something different. Whereas some other solutions may have a pop-up or pop-under window appear when the site visitor actively presses the back button, WP Bounce is more proactive.

Here, when the visitor simply moves his or her mouse cursor toward the back button in his or her web browser, a lightbox window will pop-up. This window is typically populated with relevant products from Amazon, complete with your Amazon Associates affiliate ID. That way, should the visitor follow through with a purchase, you earn your commission.

Simple Setup and Configuration

The setup process for WP Bounce is virtually automatic. It was designed to be a complete turn key solution. You simply download, install and activate it the same way you would do with every other WordPress plugin. You can then access the settings area from within the WordPress dashboard.


At its base level, you’ll need to enter all your pertinent Amazon information, like your Amazon Key ID, Amazon Access Key, and Amazon Associate Tag. You’ll also provide your Amazon Associate locale, which is set to the United States by default. The displayed ads can be geolocation aware, recognizing the visitor’s country based on the IP address. The plugin can then pull products from the corresponding Amazon site, including the UK, Canada, Germany, Japan and more.

What’s more, the products displayed should also be relevant to the current page that the visitor is reading (and is on the cusp of leaving). WP Bounce generates keywrods based on your post content automatically, which then returns relevant Amazon products.

Three Lightbox Designs

WP Bounce effectively comes with three different templates for the lightbox pop-up ad.


The WP Bounce demo site shown above is using the “Amazon 3 Products” design. There is also an “Amazon 1 Product” template where a single product is showcased, along with its longer product description writeup. And third, there are three more slots where you can customize HTML templates. Using these, you can display an opt-in form for your mailing list, promote your own products, or otherwise do whatever you want.

Each of these templates, including the Amazon designs, can personalized to suit your needs. You can change the message color, pop window size, border width, border color, button colors, close button and more. There is naturally a preview tool for you too.

Analytics and Metrics

If you’re going to be an effective Internet marketer, you’ll want to be good with numbers. You could just log into your Amazon Associates account, but then you’ll still be lacking in certain data. WP Bounce addresses that too.


There are built-in analytics feature in WP Bounce where you can check on such stats as your click-thru rate, your number of pops and your number of clicks. This data can be broken down by different categories as well.

Make More Money with WP Bounce

It can be a challenge trying to generate revenue from bounced traffic, because it means that the visitor is leaving your website. Thanks to plugins like WP Bounce, though, you do have the opportunity to monetize that traffic. The regular price for the plugin was $97, but it’s currently on sale for $37. This comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. You can optionally add support for a 90-day Amazon cookie for $17 more (default Amazon cookies are 24 hours) and support for the eBay Partner Network for $19.99 more.