Zaxaa Makes It Easy to Sell Digital Products

Do you have a digital product that you’d like to sell, but you’re not really sure how you are going to manage your customers and process the payments? Perhaps you have a membership site where you’d like to accept recurring monthly payments or you want to have an affiliate program for your digital products too. Taking care of all these concerns and more is Zaxaa, which describes itself as “the fastest way to sell online.”

In this review, we’ll take a look at some of Zaxaa’s key features and how you can use it to “sell online, delivery digital products to your customers and recruit affiliates.”

Bigger than a Shopping Cart

At its most basic level, Zaxaa functions as a payment processor for you, integrating with services like PayPal,, Stripe, and 2checkout. Going further, you’ll find that Zaxaa has a whole host of features that expand on this experience, allowing you to have the most robust online store possible.


This is the main seller dashboard and it is through this interface that you’ll be able to add your products, manage your coupons, take care of your associated affiliate programs, and review the wealth of reports. It’s about so much more than simply accepting and processing the payments.

For instance, Zaxaa provides some analytical metrics so you can identify the traffic sources with the highest conversion rates. If you worked with some joint venture partners on your product and you need to divide the revenue amongst yourselves, Zaxaa can also do that automatically right form the point of sale. Indeed, even the (up to 2-tier) affiliate program can be set up to provide instant commissions if you’d like. This works for single products as well as
subscriptions. Zaxaa can also handle one-time offers, free trials, and payment installment plans.

How to Add a Product to Zaxaa

Going through the wizard to add a new product to your account is a reasonably straightforward affair, though it does involve several steps.


You’ll need to provide a product name, description and price (including an option for up to 5 prices), of course, as well as an optional product image. The support URL and email address are also required. For the sales page, you can either provide the URL to your own sales page or you can use Zaxaa’s hosted solution via the WYSIWYG editor. The same is true for the thank you page, which also acts as a product access page. That’s where your customers will actually download or otherwise access your digital product.

Once you have gone through any other settings–like setting up installments, choosing product categories, and defining the terms of your affiliate program–you can then embed your choice of order buttons for the product.


These come in a number of colors and sizes, but the general design will be familiar to most of you who have worked with sales pages and payment processors in the past. There’s no need to install anything on your website for this to work; just paste in the short and simple HTML code (or BB code for forums).

Using the “Frontstore” Too

I imagine the majority of people who are thinking about using Zaxaa will already have a domain or website of their own where they would like to sell or promote their products. However, Zaxaa does provide the added bonus of something called a “Frontstore.” This is automatically created on your behalf and it can function as your own online store, populated by all the products you have published on Zaxaa. It’s simple, but it works.

Get Started with Zaxaa for Free

There is a lot to like about Zaxaa. The system can be used quite simply or you can access its wealth of options and features for a more robust offering. Being able to do more complex things with your products, like “intelligent” one-time offer trees and two-tier affiliate programs, can give you a lot of flexibility, while the straightforward WordPress plugin makes paid membership sites a breeze.

And you can actually use Zaxaa for free. The starter plan has no monthly fees whatsoever and it allows for unlimited products, sales funnels, affiliate programs, and
one-time offers. You simply pay 2.5% of each sale, which is substantially lower than what you’d pay with an alternative like ClickBank.


If you anticipate that you’ll be doing some volume or you want access to more features, then the $49.95 monthly plan or the $299.95 annual plan is a better fit. This opens up the ability to have unlimited partners, income prediction, lifetime customer value metrics, retention metrics, and payment form embedding on your own sites.

Click here to try it for free and see which plan suits your business.