Zero To Over $200,000 In Two Months

On September 16 (two months ago), I set up an eWallet account because the company I was dealing with wanted to use that for payment instead of PayPal.

There are quite a few advantages to using eWallet. The main one is the fees are lower. The downside is, not many affiliate networks use them, so I was setting up an account just to receive payments from one company.

At first I thought this was kind of a waste of time. I mean, why I should go through all this trouble just to receive money from one company when nearly everyone uses PayPal? I no longer ask that question. Here’s why.


Ya, that’s right. I made $200,052.99 in two months. That’s over $100,000 per month! Do you want to know how I did this?

The Ultimate Online Profit Model

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